Cannabis vapor has less tar, but may contain more ammonia. What happens to respiratory symptoms when regular users of joints, blunts, pipes, and bongs switch to a vaporizer? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter [More]
This is the unboxing and use of the AirVape XS Dry Herb Vaporizer. This is very close to the perfect vaping experience. On sale until July 30, 2018 for $99.99 (normally $159.99) Get it here: [More]
Get your own Puri5 Vaporizer here follow me on Instagram @ This video was filmed in Oregon a legal cannabis state puri5 magnum 2 vaporizer unboxing review users guide what you need to [More]
Brian Wieder demonstrates how to use a vape pen, the device he uses to ingest cannabis.
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Tonight I sesh on an E-nail that we’ve been using for a few months now and It’s had great uses as well as some frustrating incidences! The Pros and Cons to using an E-nail to [More]
Every marijuana consumer has his or her preferred way of ingesting cannabis whether is be a joint, pipe, bong, vape, or edible. Vape pens are a portable and popular way to consume marijuana, so much [More]
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