Vape | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review
Hey guys! Lately I have had a lot of requests to do a ghost tutorial, so here it is! I hope these tips can help you with your vape tricks, and if you have any [More]
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My Newest Dab Pen from Puffco, sweet! Puffco describes it best here “PUFFCO PLUS PORTABLE OIL VAPORIZER $ 89.99 The most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen ever, now even more improved. The Plus mouthpiece [More]
#Setup #YoutubeSetup #VapeSetup Thanks for watching this Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vape Setup & Demo Video!!! Did You Enjoy This Video? Would you like to see more? Check Here! Destiny – Road To 30 [More]
this video is not intended for children. so fuck off
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Review and usage demo of the Sai Top Airflow atomiser by Humboldt Vape Tech. This is which allows you to vape concentrates, it is a 510 atomiser meaning that you require a mod box to [More]
A Vaporizer for Big Hitters We’ve been gone for a few weeks. I was out sick, the Gary was, and then we were slammed busy for a week after that. We found a little time [More]
Shop now on our website budderscannabis . com or budderscannabis . ca Kandy Pen Flacko Jodye “Walnut” Collection Concentrate and Oil Vape Designed by A$AP Rocky Walnut Wood Grain Veneer Finish/Gold Trim Retro-Stylish Collectors Gift [More]
► This video is intended for Legal Medicinal / Recreational Cannabis Patients & 18+ Adults. ► In my opinion, after using about a dozen pens.. Stag is the best for concentrates, such as BHO/SHO/PHO. It [More]