Mark Williams, co-founder of Firefly Vaporizers, explains the folly of fat clouds, why vape pens suck, and why the new Firefly 2+ is so much more effective—and cost effective—than smoking. Listen to the full episode via [More]
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WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get high hitting 2 weed vaporizers and teach you how to vape weed as well the difference between vaping and smoking!! If you enjoyed [More]
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A description and demonstration of the Click N Toke or Click N Vape Lighter Pipe. Click the link below for the online store. BUY IT HERE:
The Stempod is a 510 Powered dry herb vape tank that uses convection heating. Available here: Full Review: It’s the best weed vape / atomizer for box mods because it’s 100% rebuildable and [More]
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