Vape pens are pretty awesome. They’re easy, contain less toxins than herb, and they look classy. I’ve tried out a whole bunch. The brands talked about in this video: Select Bloom Bloom Farms Open.Vape Marley [More]
Does vaping weed smell like smoking weed? Do vapes make your weed last longer? This an so many other frequently asked questions about vaping weed will be answered in this video! Thank you sooo much [More]
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I love this vape! And I love to Review it! its right now my favorite one and has been for months and months… check out this awesome vape spot… What do you think of that [More]
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Full details on my Blog @ This vape pen is been working really well, it’s easy to take on the go, smell is toned down but still noticeable, it’s made of all metal so [More]
Today I’m reviewing the Tubo Evic. It’s a cannabis / dry herb vape that utilizes full convection heating. This vape is an on-demand vape with a built in session mode. The Tubo Evic is available [More]
WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get insanely high trying out my new PULSAR APX SMOKER WEED VAPORIZER!!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share [More]
<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> A description and demonstration of the Click N Toke or Click N Vape Lighter Pipe. Click the link below for the online store. – Find the best weed vaporizers at the best prices.