What is the difference between the Yocan Wax Coil choices of Ceramic Donut coil and the Dual Quartz coil. they are all interchangeable with the evolve, evolve plus, torch, ultron, cerum, nyx, thor etc.and the [More]
In this video we will be showing you the Evolve-C from Yocan.
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The Yocan Evolve dual quartz coil wax pen is a popular portable wax pen combining a 650mAh battery and a dual quartz coil atomizer in an all metal body for a durable and effective portable [More]
In this review, we check out the brand new Yocan Evolve Plus XL wax vaporizer pen.
September 28, 2017 MOX News MOXNews.com You can find all the details on this product at the YOCAN website! Here is a link to the Evolve Plus XL webpage… www.yocantech.com/Evolve-Plus-XL/index.html It is very easy to [More]
Show you how to pack a yocan vaporizer with cannabis buds. This vape also takes cartridges and dabs. Price update: 17.99 on Ebay (bought it a long time ago)
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