Testing Snoop Dogg G pen

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Snoop g pen

кацап маскальский says:

it is rare shit , after two days using started problems with it , tree weeks later stopped heating, never buy G Pro better chooze other producent

Gino Jimenez says:

Do you have to push the button to hit it or no

Lit Lolz says:

Waaait sooo it's vape a pen basically??

mike thegodson says:

I bought a fake one…

Dee Ry says:

I've heard it has a real bad issues with misfires? like you push the button but get no drag, true or false? cause 120$ is a lot to spend on something you can't return -.- at least at the snoopermarket you can't. says "all sales are final"

Debbie Detraz says:

there is no smoke coming from my g pro like yours why is that. and where do you put the filters

vinnie grundell says:

I got the g pro, and i got one good hit out of it, and now it don't work. it just turns my shit brown and don't give me anything. what am I doing wrong?

Laneta says:

does it get you high as smoking in a cigar?

tokker joker says:

i got bothe of dem

Josh Calvert says:

Will the first one get you pretty high? or what?

Graphix Media says:

Cool, i ordered the first one today!

3PiecesOfBread says:

2:242:29 I don't know wtf he said all I can tell is that it means something awesome.

Carlito End play time says:

Im from belgium 100km from nl fack snoop and dat think 😌 you thanks man for reveiew G

Jutwotimes FKFB says:

do u smell the 🌳 when u exhale with the Gpen? @ me

Gamorco Perkūnas says:

I´m way to high right now, I couldn´t folow these steps, should I charge this for 8 hrs straight before using it for the first time?

Godspeed says:

when you grind it up does it go through those little holes in where you load it up

Clip Bishop says:

you prolly worked it out now but the mouth piece unscrews and u can use it to push it down,. half the shit u can do with this pen isnt even in the manual haha!

Jaron Bang says:

almost ninja caught that bitch but u too slow youtu.be/VHvMPmAndEA?t=496

Ace Skrilla says:

Note the 2.0 don't have the SD on it

Ace Skrilla says:

My glass broke my plastic went down but I love it

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