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WHAT IS UP WORLD! Join me today on Crutch as I test and review the Dabado Bolt portable E nail!! If you enjoyed this video please SLAM that LIKE button and share it with your friends! If you need more CRUTCH in your life check out the playlists on this channel and SUBSCRIBE for a new cannabis related video all the time! #StayHigh friends!!



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Jonathan Sanchez says:

Since you live in the Dabado Denver area I believe you have a responsibility to your Fans to protect them when you tell them to buy a product that breaks down and have no customer service to back then up .☹☹☹☹☹☹☹🤮🤮🤮

Jonathan Sanchez says:

Hey @Crutch420 have you had any issues with you dabado bolt pro ? Because an overwhelming amount of your viewers bought this unit and a lot of your viewers were having issues with the unit and with their customer service in not helping any of their customers and ignoreing there emails until their 90day warranty runs out so now they tell you that they can't help anymore due to your warranty being out of date . No one wants to help us can you help us @Crutch420 please I know there are a lot of us out there that feel robbed by the company and some of your misleading reviews on the DaBado Bolt Pro

Jorge moreno valero says:

Can i put weed on it???

andre gallant says:

Mine doesnt work i bought one when “its ready to dab” it bubbles my wax and i get no smoke

Matthew Mitchell says:

Thanks for the professional review! I appreciate that you're not creating the stereotypical stoner vibe.

Keep up the great work!

Garrett666 says:

For affordable E-Nails, Rig, Vapes etc.. available at

Hunter Thompson says:

Im really sad to see you of everyone getting that piece of shit for free and putting it out there for everyone to buy.

Fernando Lopez says:

I got mine stolen the other day 😞

Robert Hurst says:

forgot to mention that you can change the temp

6thGearPinned says:

This unit is not at all durable, if you want to keep dishing out cash for replacement parts then go ahead and buy, but you have been warned. Btw this dude seems like such a bitch, if your gonna do an hinest review on such an expensive product, then why not test it out for a few days and then do a review. Seems like you were just out to rep the free sponsorship this company gave you and probably paid you for, shit is wack, your viewers expect "honesty".

Jahman Nathan says:

That is fucking awesome

E. Berry says:

this is the second vid of urs ive seen and gotta say good show. im new to the shatter world, i use the yocan evolve plus system. works better than a glass spoon pipe with a bed of ash. wasted alot of hoots till i seen the evolve plus. i love to try the dab a doo but cost in canada for it is sky "high". iff ya get annothe one for free can ya send my one cheap? let me know if you could. i will tell my shatter mates to chek your site out to and sub to your channel. high cheers from the great white north.

Ryan Russell says:

This guy never read the directions and did this video on the low heat setting!! 😂😂😂

Antonio Rey Zanetti says:

Do you know how this compares to the Dr. Dabber Boost?

James 84 says:

piece of shit. bolt pro broke the first day. company wouldn't do shit for me but sell me a replacement for a huge markup from what they paid from China. 50 for the atomizer and that's with a discount. lol its 79.99. I'm gonna go to Colorado and bitch slap some fools.

Motorvapour says:

Why so many dislikes?

Jay Blazer says:

The atomizer on the bolt pro does not work at the wattage suggested in the manual. THE COMPANY WILL NOT REPLACE IT. My friend has blown through 2 of them and I have burned up this one. $100 for this worthless kit and now they want me to spend another $40 on a relacement and thats with a 50% discount. The replacement will work for how long and then what bust out more money for another one. No thank you. You can shove that replacement up your ass.

Elijah Ugsang says:

So did Dr. Dabber jock these guys. I wonder which one is better?

BHIPHOP91 says:

another nice video Crutch! i ordered my Atmos Studio RIG! cant wait!!👍

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