The Cirro Vaporizer by Everoll

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The Cirro vaporizer is a well built portable vaporizer that is a great addition to my everyday smoking essentials. Vaporizing flower is a great way to taste the weed without the burning flavor that goes with combustion. Great product from Everoll and be expecting a part 2 on the concentrate function soon!



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JoninSho Brown says:

You looking a bit unhealthy bruh, maybe it's the lighting not sure. Start juicing or buy juices and take some daily multi's bro.. that's if you ain't already. Take care of yourself! Ooohh white tahoe cookies sounds good. Yeah, dry herb vapes give you the best high but even more it's the best tasting. Not all vaporizers are made the same though some combust.. best to keep it around 385 on most of them to make sure you ain't combusting. Yo, they got flower vapes that you don't even need to mix it up to vape evenly.

RLJG zr069 says:

That dog is barking hella loud for that herb hahahahahahahaha

Joe Wisener says:

My only friend Ben!!!

Dominic Olson says:

Hey man awesome video….you should bring back the opening jingle you used to have πŸ˜†

Krusty Old smoker says:

I don't have 15 minutes this morning to watch it got to get out of here have a great day stay high hehehe

Magdziuk64 says:

Pretty sick vaporizer you got there

Demon Fox says:

Did u get a haircut my guy πŸ˜‚

Anthony Sainson says:

Cool video. Those brushes usually are included in dry weed vapes to brush the ash out.

Mikey G says:

i have a vape from zigzag but idk i felt like i wasnt smokin the vape was only a bit the taste was weird sumtimes like all the weed wud taste the same lol but this vape bro looks like i might have to try out and it blows clouds thats dope.

JuliaB1955 says:

That was a fun AND helpful review. Thanks, guys. πŸ™‚

jstliv4dance says:

Neat review, also your shirt! Gotta love the oh wonder

CrimeWaveDave420 says:

shoutz from the 530

JHC_710 says:

I love your shit :))

bobby griz says:

3 times a charm lol stay lifted!

Wagon Life says:

Ben stop breathing into the camera lol

EsotericOccultist says:

Wow that's pretty cool that it does both dry herb and oil.

TheSlenderBassist says:

hell yeah! I totally need to up my game on vapes no doubt, also I got some very interesting details/information over the brass knuckles controversy I’m gonna talk about in an eventual live video soon, stay tunedπŸ”₯πŸ’―

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