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The brand new DaVinci Miqro – does it stand up to the legend of its predecessor?

DaVinci Miqro Video:
– Intro
– 360º
– Key Features
– Included Items
– Experimentation
– Conclusion

Visual Introduction of Davinci Miqro

[01:41] and now it’s the moment you will be waiting for the taste test. Does the DaVinci Miqro stand up to its predecessor? Does it deserve a place in your pocket?
And it could definitely fit in there, it is Miqro!!! Darren’s laughing

[01:59]…Vape is being tested…

[02:08] That’s a pretty nice flavor, actually. yeah! I’m using the flat mouthpiece maybe I would go with the raised if you’ve got the Explorers kit which we do but I didn’t want to look like I was bragging, so.
[02:21] Nice flavor, really really attractive device, easy to control the instructions are fantastic, if you need them. Sorry I’m looking down, but that’s where my instructions are.
[02:32] Really nice great flavor, not too hot, not too harsh just very well rounded actually.
[03:03]I’m gonna give it a few more tries on my own

Just to be sure, but I hope you have enjoyed this video of the DaVinci miqro! Coming soon
[02:56] Thank you and goodbye!

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Oscar Valenzuela says:

That was an epic intro !!!

AnTi90d says:

I have a regular Davinci. I wish the airflow wasn't so tight.. but otherwise it's a great little device. (I've taken to hitting mine like a MTL vape instead of a DTL one. Letting the chamber heat up for ~3 seconds in between drags lets it create a bit more vapor)

Assassin Legion says:

Wheres the vapor ?

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