The Dre vs. V4/Plush | Best Portable Dry Herb Vape! | IndoorTokers

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Today we try out two Dry Herb Vapes!
Get the Dre Here:
Get the V4/Plush Here:

GPUabuse says:

My dad use to say dryer than a popcorn fart too. where the fuck you get that from?

GPUabuse says:

Yours is bigger – no they are similar

Tim Tucker says:

please don't die guys

jason pierce says:

love you guys you are funny as f***

momma vapes says:

to start out I just got the airistech viva…not sure what I think of it lol…I'm wanting one for dab tooπŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

silent-knight 102 says:

just once lol would love to smoke with all the indoor smokers/tokers crew!

saw25 says:

like watchin these clowns hack out…..funny s**t…

Jordan Belcher says:

Watching this after multiple dabs stoned af this is amazing love the vids

Aaron Douglas says:

All weed taste like ass!

richard abraham says:

Yes but the link lists it at $144 and namastea has it for 49$
Look at the baker vape it's alit cheaper if you go to wizard puff and buy it unbranded

Bobbito Blaze says:

I hate non combustion vape. it's such a waste.if you burn the herb that comes out it still gets you high. I want to try one of those click an hit vape that only need butane no charging batteries.

Randy Fisher says:

Nice comparison

Cesar Bermudez says:

@ 07:18 πŸ˜‚

richard abraham says:

The 4/20 plush is a rebrand of the black mamba
At namasatea vapes it's in sale for $49

Soul Firez says:

Loving the professional presentation ( for a couple stoners its damn good ya made it through ) You 2 are certified fair dinkum funny cunts ( cunts is a term of endearment here in Australia if you dont know what i mean watch the vaping bogan here on youtube)

Ken Owens says:

why don't you idiots turn the temp down a little and enjoy that stuff

Adam Lloyd says:

smoking the kveed! wish we could in PA. LEGALIZE IT FEDERALLY!!!

Jordan Okamura says:

Mike coughing a lung again lollllll

Christian Mejia says:

Mike got Stoney baloney

Vapletrichs Gne says:

was that real tinder? 😜

Richard Jennex says:

thanks for the information Chris and Mike and Omfg I can't believe you said dry as a popcorn fart mike because I'm from N.S Canada and that's the only place I heard ppl say it LMFAO and yous 2 are always good for a great fucking laugh , I almost piss myself

Nick Puncekar says:

Mike, how many Star Wars shirts do you own?

Small town conspiracy 1776 says:

U guys crack my ass up!…

Brandon says:

I also keep a grinder card in my wallet lol. It's came in handy many times.

Brandon says:

"Doing a portable dry herb vaporizer contest"

My first thought was seeing who gets the highest lol.

Brittany Diaz says:

I keep expecting "Children of the Grave" to kick in when the outro music starts. So similar! lol
You guys are funny. Love the vids!

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