The Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer Review. Is it better than the Volcano??

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Arizer Extreme Q Remote Control Desktop Vaporizer

Brandon has enjoyed his Extreme Q Vaporizer for many years, and we decided to start selling them on 420 Science. Many people compare the Extreme Q to the Volcano, and we wanted to know how it shapes up to the expensive and classic king of desktop vapes. We even use the space helmet!
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Tripp Cailean says:

you guys gotta get with the vaporbrothers vb1, that shit is bomb. best analog whip vape out there

Dan says:

So how do you know when the weed is spent?

Sushan Tripathee says:

My extreme q has a nice glass joint for the bag, not a janky tube connector lol. Shame they made a switch…

Aiden Niemi says:

My sister has one of these and it's an absolute beast

vaids nomiss says:

I have an extreme q and I love it

Matt McKemy says:

Volcano= Pirelli
XtremeQ= Shinko

De Wet Swart says:

Very cool review! One thing I noticed is that you guys said the bag adapter looks weird and the volcano looks better. You are actually reviewing an older model. I got the latest one, and they now include an awesome glass elbow joint, so no need for the piece of whip connecting the glass pieces. It's now glass on glass.

Chapa 2JZ says:

Review the carta! Focus v really did a great job on the product. Y'all should look into carrying it.

Kristian Petrano says:

I own the extreme q I love it

Goof Core says:

I ended up buying a Volcano two weeks ago and I don’t regret it at all so far, the Q was my next choice of course, but I was worried about the glass breaking in the Q if there were ever an accident.

soundless jstn420 says:

Ha silver medal. hash plant is a πŸ”₯ strain 😁 keep up the rad vid guys ✌

Death Sweet says:

I love how you guys drop the exact videos I’m in the market for lmao

Deohgee og says:

You guys rock thanks for your honesty

Mey says:

the Volcano is like mac and extreme Q is a pc.

John Smith says:

Hey guys.I was moderately stoned on a hybrid sativa while watching you're review. I could really feel how giddy you were about this latest product.I love the blue light feature. Yeah you really do have a lotta goodies on you're site. Thanks guys.

xCRUCiOx says:

wait wait wait…..this is only $150? holy fuck

Deadpool3203 says:

First 🀣!
Cool review, awesome channel!

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