The Strain Product Review: YoCan Evolve Plus

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Okay, this is one of our favourites lately!

The EVOLVE PLUS pen from YoCan is honestly so amazing. It provides the user with a pure and absolutely delicious taste from the concentrates we put in the donut chamber. This coil is made with medical grade ceramic which heats up to roast your dabs on a low temp. One glob about the size of three larger cannabis seeds will vape for approximately 3-15 long and slow draws – dependent on the product being consumed. Overall the medical effects this pen provides the users with is almost overwhelming. It hits you as if you just hit a dab from a typical rig with an e-nail.

Would 100% recommend this product for its overall efficacy, purity, and PRICE!

MrDeeb8 says:

3 grams a day? Did you misspeak or? Cuz damn son

trishcabandong says:

3 grams a day …. damn Gina

aaron enriquez says:

Can this blow up if not handled correctly??

joe edmunds says:

no, totally safe


Are you sure you didn't mean 3 grams a day collectively between you and your friends? Seems a bit far fetched my friend.

ryan says:

you can work it

gadmin says:

take it easy

gadmin says:

that is true

Joshua Mauricio says:

Can u use an oil cartridge on the battery?

Andrew Morel says:

It's nice wax pen for thick coil. Got one from

river dearden says:

Nigga dumb as fuck

gadmin says:

watch it

Adam Hamby says:

I through 2 gs a week. Hold the button down for 3-4 secs will save you a lot of $. Doing the whole 15 sec limit will kill your coils too. Quartz & surgical steel get hot intsantly. Don't waste your $.

Pamela Cady says:

can yu dab this on a nail?

Brian Vee says:

Do you know if I works for herbs? I read somewhere that you can use this for herbs

Conner Marcheskie says:

If I were even to smoke a gram I would be sleeping for half the day

MrJiggaman2010 says:

is there any way to use dry herb for this pen???? I just bought this today and the guy at the shop told me this one can be used for dry herbs….

Roy Poud says:

3 grams a day?
id be happy with that much once a

The ATrain says:

😂😂😂 3 grams my fuckin ass

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