The Ultimate e-Nail for Concentrates – BHO, Wax, Shatter, Budder, DMT

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RDA Wire Screen Stove top Build on a Plume Veil.


Ronald Jenkins

kiezer sosay says:

Lol some good ol dmt…

mackychloe says:

Here's a better, cleaner way. Find an RDA with the post's opposite then build a stovetop coil between the post's then sit a small quartz bowl on the coil, That's what i'm doing…… video coming soon.

Buddy Bloomingale says:

sketchy af.

Marisa Basso says:

Can I use premise .8ohm stainless coils? Any tanks out there that are ceramic donuts where u can put your own coils in?

Andrew Nicholson says:

Try using actual stainless steel vaping mesh instead of a pipe screen, use a thicker gauge stainless steel vaping wire for the stove top, and get rid of all of the hot spots in the coil before wrapping the mesh around it. This is going to short out and burn oil, if not fume the copper mesh you’re using. Try not to die, cause that’s a dumb vape setup and it’s not safe whatsoever how you just did it. Good day sir.

João Melo says:

cant you do it for example on the vandy vape mesh rda? just keep the mesh touching the bottom of the well so the dab doesnt drop under the mesh?

Ellen Lambert says:

Have you tried a mesh coil

DylanDaPickle says:

That's a good way to have a battery explode in your face

sebastian granada says:

can someone recommend a good atomizer for dabbing, preferably on amazon haha

Jesus Solis says:

that intro beast

Donnie Blanco says:

that song made me cum buckets bro

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

You should find or make a little drip tray built right against the bottom of the coil so your product doesn't melt thru and collect at the bottom.

001 C says:

it wont work with dmt

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