The Vape Life Portable eNail Review (Great Product!)

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I forgot to mention in the video that this takes a 18650 batteriy which are the same as the ones used in vape mods. This is good for those long trips in the car because nothing is better than having more spare batteries! The price is also 149.99 which is actually better than what I said in the video! Here’s a promo code for 20% more off :

From the website:
The Vape Life eNail vaporizer rig is the smallest and most portable vaporizer rig on the market, for a fraction of the price compared to traditional methods.

Simple, clean, and convenient, the eNail comes with a removable 2500mAh rechargeable 18650 battery, ready for 50 cycles per charge. The removable glass mouth piece has an internal peculator for the cleanest of hits.

The eNail heats up to 400℉ in about 30 seconds, with 35 Amps of discharge current.

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p4psm3re says:

beware buying from this company. It took six months for them to send me a new one after my first one just randomly stopped working. They were insanely hard to contact. difficult to deal with. They told me they never received my replacement even though I had a tracking with it that said it was delivered. After much arguing they sent me a new one, but with missing parts. So I have given up. Do what you want but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Jose Quetzecua says:

Don't waste your money. Get the Dr. Dabber. I bought this and its a piece of shit, along with the company.

jerrad wells says:

49.99 on ebay with carrying case and all plus free shipping right now

Tony Carothers says:

i really hate thin mint…..

Dready Locs says:

no more than 3 dabs without a short circuit? what's the point of that shit it's like u and two friends get A dab then we gotta wait…yeah no ,either dabadoos or cloud v electro they don't short out after 3 dabs.LMAO

Dabado Vaporizers says:


Roddy Azar says:

So yeah, you want the DR.DABBER anything else is a WEAK IMITATION and you will feel ripped off.

Roddy Azar says:

I JUST GOT RIPPED OFF BY THIS GUY, DO NOT BUY FROM HIM, HE COPIES THE REAL PPL AND CHANGES THE NAME BY ONE LETTER SO YOU THINK ITS LEGIT. KNOCKOFF BULLSHIT NOWHERE NEAR THE DR.DABBER! CHINESE SON OF A BITCH. Ok, so I just got this exact one, FROM THIS PLACE ON THE VIDEO. it does NOT work like that! At best it's like 50% of wat you SHOULD be getting from your wax..the rest just goes to waste as thick paste around ur ceramic yes ceramic backup nail. It's a dr.dabber knockoff which is why it only works for like six( 3-triple click for activation)rips, and then you need to charge it. Pay the extra 10% and get the brand name, you don't want to be like me, just going back to ur oil rig w torch …not like you can return a piece after you hit it. Lol….so the fact that I prefer my torch tho it was wat I tried getting away from, should tell you all you need to know. WATCH THE SPELLING OF THE WEBSITES…mine was off by one letter w period in the middle I overlooked. (VAPE LIFE REVIEW YOUTUBE)

Mark Framer says:

my guitar playa turned me on to this paradise device. I got a deal ($99!) when I bought the pink one. I figure I can put decals on it if I can't handle pink while I'm stoned. Definitely five stars.

R Cars10 says:

"……… It's paradise."
That line sums it up.

R Cars10 says:

Totally feeling that song!!!!

jokeboxproductions says:

I love my dabado, look into what model you eNail is because I heard older models had Teflon in them and had the push in nail design. Atleast for dabado, but I love my dabado it fucking rocks.

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