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Some patients prefer not to smoke their medical marijuana — a vaporizer super-heats the cannabis without burning the plant.
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The Vaporizer | American Weed

National Geographic

ShaktiX says:

wtf…you can put hash in there without it melting and going in the vape?

reaper daddy says:

she high asf

c b says:

"you have a specific amount of cannabinoids in your blood stream at this point that are impacting your brain" You just blew grandma's mind hahaa

malik williams says:

what the fuck wont shit in the vape

picvic7 says:

Lmao. They cued that reggae music right when she inhaled haha! Hope she starts to benefit and feel better;) looks like it is!

LSDrg 710 says:

Haha she starts to trip out at the end lol, after smoking for awhile you can just tell when someone's high lol

Drugs Bunny says:

Plot twist they forgot to put the weed in it but couldn't bring themselves to tell her

The Stalker says:

Fuck being on cloud 9. Grandma was on Venus. lol!

Mike Hunt says:

Haha "I'm glowing", someone's grandma messed with alot of drugs

Table for six please Tv says:

I wanna glow 😔

C4L Media Group says:

When the kush hits you im vibrating

To the Cloud Vapor Store says:

The Volcano Vaporizer truly is the best.

PenguinCave360 says:

I feel like they made it weird. It's really simple walk in say you ready to feel good and let her try it. Your overexplaining and making her feel like she's in danger XD

Grant R says:

loved my jamaican riddims playing in di background

i got a bag o vapor too, 'ooo yeh, we jammin'

love all mi fellow rastamins out der

Jude Kraft says:

no with ur asshole!

Jude Kraft says:

I love how they sugar coat this bullshit

AhmedBX187 says:

2:08 very nice machine = good shit

Marcus Harris says:

Ganja is the medicine of the world.

Walid Shabaab says:

I'd like to get stoned with this lady 😀

DmanHeadshot says:

And we cheeched

Hubs88 says:

Look mom I'm glowing.


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