The Vaporizer – Katt Williams: It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’

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Katt was wondering how high he could actually get, and his white friends happened to have the answer.

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ErkanKarabagli says:

When compared, gum candy and gummy bears to snickers and Twix are they not equal?

ErkanKarabagli says:

Chocolate lovers and eating skittles are not the same

Roffytoffy Inamdar says:

no offense.. i don't think this guy is too funny…he is okay..

Lien Drew says:

Honestly, katt williams is fucking hilarious!!! A great comedian!! Just wish people would focus more on how funny the man is, rather than point out his personal problems!! Nobody’s perfect!! But I like katt Williams for the person that he is!!!

Jenny Mason says:

The surgical mask plugged in… LMMFAO! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Josh Stakey says:

I love Katt

Shay Vaughn says:

Lmfao when he coughed i laughed so hard in this office 2:19 ..I’m not trying to get fired 😂😂

JarlyShots says:

They get too creative lol it's fun but give me paper or wrap I'm good

Stixz Shongwe says:

My nigga😁😁😁😁😁 Kat!!!!!!

Iceman says:

Yo, someone please get this guy some air conditioning, or a fan, or at least a towel…

Pushing 30 says:

I aint never ran from a nigga and I damn sure aint bout ta pick today to start runnin

Austin Wagoner says:

not all white people go to far on getting high it's mostly Mexicans



Adam Harley says:

Yes yes TOP KATT

CanadaMMA says:

Someone needs to introduce Katt to dabbing 😛

Hunter TheGreat says:

This too sweating like a mf jeez

Pamela Harrington says:

I have something called a body bag!!!! It'll knock you on your ass!!!!!! 4 people can use it at a time but one hit you will be done

A jay Johnson says:

Literally my favorite comedian! 😂😂😂😂😂

Tazer Ray says:

Now i need new friends to test it out. As long as i can get up for next week after being so high just to say " what da fk just happened?"

JustJoshingYa says:

No body likes katt williams ever since he was all over the news and shit for fighting middle/elementary school kids lol he got his ass beat by a fat little mexican kid man come on. High as shit picking fights with kids like a pussy

Casston Day says:

Can’t catch the cough😂

Ken Rodgers says:

Didn't I already vaporize you? Of that some other ghost who wet their panties?

bamadeadhead says:

1:03 Star Trek THE NEW FRONTIER!😂 talking about a vaporizer🇺🇸😂

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