Top 10 Herbs You Can Vape besides Cannabis | Dry Herb Vaping Advice | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Top 10 Herbs You Can Vape besides Cannabis | Dry Herb Vaping Advice

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Top 10 herbs you can vape besides Cannabis or CBD is the subject of our dry herb vaping advice video. At Vape and Juice TV we are pretty active in the CBD and Cannabis space. This CBD advice channel now looks at the Top 10 things (herbs) you can vape in a dry herb vaporizer beyond CBD.

So if you are interested in aromatherapy and dry herb vaping, then check out this video to find out more about Hibiscus, Lavender, Blue Lotus and many others. You can put these herbs in a dry herb vape pen, such as a PAX vape.

That’s our Top 10 herbs you can vape besides Cannabis. So if you are asking, what other herbs can I vape – then this CBD advice video is for you.

Hope you enjoyed this episode from our CBD all star, Mason at Vape and Juice TV.

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Zachary Diaz says:

I have 8oz of green tea loose leaf and 8oz of chamomile loose leaf… time to get the rolling paper 😉

Asian says:

Do u get fat clouds from green tea

brrrapoholic says:

You look like you had 2L of coffee and then finished it with a Redbull :d. Anyway, great content man!

Al Goober says:

Logic? Is that you?

Sam B says:

Unfortunately, no one said "but basil is not cannabis". You're actually high quality and effort, keep it up

Elliottluke says:

what happened to that 15% discount on the site ?

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