Top 10 Weed Smoking Fails #2

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Top 10 Smoking weed Fails Compilation #2!

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Dana Willen says:

"my hair on fire"

Feesly RBLX says:

When I try to smoke, I eat the cigarettes šŸ˜‚

Mr Potat0man451 says:

I haven't cried this hard since I was born. Why does this exist?

Axis says:

The only thing that keeps me sane when I see all these bongs break is reminding myself mine is intact

Jacob Fly says:


Chris Kematch says:

8:10 guy is just smoking some lighter fluid lol

Some guy that hates life says:

second guy sounds like kermit šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Jonathan Vasquez says:

Only smoke your race weed

Jonathan Vasquez says:

Gravity. Bong .

Jonathan Vasquez says:

Pharmacy beer an bong .

Jonathan Vasquez says:

Take pills with beer da high last in control .

Diblidabilidu Blablablablablabla says:

420 minutes of silence for all the bongs shown here and on part 1and that are actually dead, im so sad

FoG Pain says:

That first one hurt my heart!!

Boss Babe Jai says:

Iā€™m dead šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Makin Waves says:

Why do most of these kids burn the fuck out of the bowl man it's so irritating and wasteful

Blubberbump says:


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