Top 5 Best Budget Vaporizers 2020

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TVape shows you our picks for the top 5 best budget vaporizers of 2020. These are the best of the best budget vaporizers to start your year off in the black!

With all of these choices you can’t really go wrong, they are all great vaporizers that will satisfy your vaporous needs.

LITL One – 0:41
Utillian 421 – 1:58
Flowermate Slick – 3:49
Zeus Smite – 4:57
Utillian 620 – 6:18

If you want to buy the LITL 1:

If you want to buy the Utillian 421:

If you want to buy the Flowermate Slick:

If you want to buy the Zeus Smite:

If you want to buy the Utillian 620:

To learn more about our list and how we came up with it check out the TVape blog post here:

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Marius9T says:

1:18 thats what she said

MattD says:

Nice Video and content but personally I don’t think you have to look further than a vapcap, cured my VAS instantly

Madyetmellow says:

Your impression of Robert Downey JR was faultless ???

Madeline Pregl says:

I loveeeee that poster sm

GodsLeftHand 757 says:

What is the best portable vaporizer on the market? Zeus arc gt?

VapoNiak Vaporiste says:

I know butane vaporizer are not sexy, but biovapo or dynavap are budget and very capable imho.
Thank you for the video .

valveman12 says:

Well, I ordered the Utillian 620, so we will see how it stacks up…

Coorsgood10 says:

Released a day after I bought a mighty ?

lori murphy says:

thanks for the video I like all of these

derty QWERTY says:

Poormans alternatives under 60… vivant dabox, longmont motar, or, definitely the hvt ez sai kit. cheaper than video, not better but close and cloee to half price

Ouroboros says:

Slap that like! Davie504 fan? 🙂

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

I can vouch for the 421, it's great.

Hov V says:

I like this one. Replaceable battery in the Slick is nice, would you choose that over the 421?

Gary Gilbreath says:

What about the Firefly 2

nariminator says:

thanks for the great video. I am thinking of finally grabbing the Utillian 620. Hesitation is killing me over here.

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