Tops Wolf pAX 2 | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Tops Wolf pAX 2

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We have testet the TOPS Wolf pAX 2 thruout the summer and fall, and this is our conclusion of it.

aznelite325 says:

Have you looked into the TOPS BOB knife? It also comes with a kydex sheath, maybe you'd like it.

Schirfer says:

What is your intro song?

rockyhillperson says:

The axe looks a bit too Zombie killer or tacticool  to me. Very cool sheath idea though.

Saer says:

Nice review guys, have been enjoying your channel. Keep up the good work. Maybe that secondary edge is meant to be used as a draw blade of some sort.


That looks like a practical pairing. This combo isn't quite my style, but I'm sure that the quality is there.

Have you checked out the TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft yet?

NorwegianBushcraft says:

Good review!
Hvordan er egentlig denne å hugge feks. ved med? Klive kubber og slikt?

Neil The Knife Guy says:

Thanks for this video guys. Im looking at replacing my 20 year old estwing hatchet. I think its about time. Lol. Glad to see this come with kydex. How did this do with splitting wood?
Ps that Down hat's rocks. I just happen to own a Dimebag Signature series guitar made in 1999.
Anyway you guys are awsome.

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