TrueBud.TV PAX 2 Premium Vaporizer Review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

TrueBud.TV PAX 2 Premium Vaporizer Review

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Hey guys today we are unboxing a PAX 2 By Ploom! Is it still the “ipod” of Vaporizers? Watch and find out, also Subscribe for more videos like this! Like the video if you liked it, If you hated it then Hit dislike and Make a comment, we might even read it!

PAX 2 By PLOOM link:

shsj sjsjsjsi says:

First off I would like to thank you for this review I appreciate how you show a whole session with the pax this is the only review on YouTube that shows off the pax performance this is a real review not something you read off of a piece of paper I was on the edge of buying but I wanted to see the pax from a real life perspective a real session not just one hit then you ramble for 15 mins great video ty one love bro keep it up ✌️

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