Turtle 4614/High Ep.53 Titan-1 portable vaporizer review

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Just a quick review of an under $100.00 portable vaporizer I was gifted from a friend to review. Very comparible to the Pax by Ploom which I own as well and love. I am in no way endorsed by Titan or Vape Source. I am simply a humble Youtuber giving my humble opinion. Cheers world.

Nadine-Amanda C says:

Why do you not have more subscribers ? You are fantastic ! 😍

bgrusin82 says:

Can you use concentrates in it?

cedric Williams says:

How long does it take to charge I just got mine and been charging for a while led light is still red

Benjamin 123 says:

Thank you for the vid!

austin rotondo says:

And I am guessing u get high af from this

Pisces Rain says:

Turtle , turtle …… Sorry I couldn't resist , lol ! Thanks for the informative yet friendly and chill video , I enjoyed it. .

Sara Simpson says:

he keeps getting vape / smoke I c nothing coming from mine or from the titan 2

Diego Cheyre says:

I bought one 2 weeks ago and all the times i've used it it barely vaporized it, I got a little high, but I don't know if it should be producing more "smoke" or not. Maybe there is something wrong with mine, can you help me?

Lauren Werlang says:

hey! do you know if this model can cool down the vapour temperature? my through is ill and i need a vap that makes not-too-hot vapour :}}

Rolan Cummins says:

How is it on scent is the smell discreet?

Nick Havrilla says:

Wtf mine doesnt pull for anything

matt arris says:

Hey turtle I just got the titan 1 today and it's not emitting any smoke a t all. wharlt do I do

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