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Everyone is talking about the new Kandypens Oura and I finally got mine in the mail! I’m so excited to do this full unboxing and go over everything that’s in the box and do a demonstration or two 🙂 Watch the full video to find out more about the Kandypens Oura and how it compares to the PuffCo Peak.

Check out the KandyPen Oura here!

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Song Featured In This Video:
By Wax, Krysta Youngs, Davy Nathan
Produced by Wax & Davy Nathan
Mixed & Mastered by Yan Perchuk

#arendrichard #kandypens #oura

Spartan 69 says:

Is there a shatter pen you could reccomend?

Baxter says:

I'm high out of my mind right now and until the intro roled I thought Arend was a messy paper cutout of Arend. Wow. I was getting anxious but that fixed me right up

FJ Freeman says:

you're the only person I would ever want to smoke sesh for the rest of my life.

BOSxGHOSTx 25 says:

Zink is a cheap Metal element that are the insides of pennies

thcxgold 89 says:

When you turn it on tap it three times to change the settings up to different levels ✨

Conner Allen says:

Awesome content man. This thing like just came out a couple of weeks ago n he's already got it reviewed.

Smiley G 101 says:

I’m high asf????

ReVo's Residence says:

I was like damn, I should cop then hes like its almost the same price as the peak… If I drop 300+ im going with the peak

Chelsea Valentine says:

Truly a blessing. Must cherish. 10/10

Brianna Koester says:

That thing is gorgeous ? I loveee the color you chose

Krazy Strain says:

Great content!! ???? Can't wait to grab our own!!

Riley Colton Sharpe says:

Whys your nose so red, bb? Are you sick?

Jordan Beyer says:

13:43 "Jasmine Masters"

ryan lachance says:

Yes a new YouTube to edit my favorite YouTuber ???????? if you don’t mind me using this video ?? I just screen record normally and edit and make tributes when I’m bored and stoned sometimes your like my favorite

Steven Arroyave says:

is it Jeffree Star approved though!??? We need jeffree on the weedtube ASAP. But anyway, great content as usual Arend!

jessim0nster says:

Tim hooked you UP with that shot! The entire aesthetic of this video is E V E R Y T H I N G

Dylan says:

that 1 dislike got me tripping

Khalis Napier says:

The fact the someone actually killed the fridge ?

R.J. Williams says:

You’ve noticed that you become high key southern when you’re zoinked right??

Stoned Alone says:

This literally is too lit, e rigs usually aren’t that good

Gabe Connell says:

It’s oura not oura

♧♤ says:

AArend the gay stoner

It's GhxstMST says:

350$? For that? Lmaooooo go hit up Focus V Products on IG @focusvproducts ya wont be disappointed, or ripped off.

CamiGreen says:

Fucking finally these videos are coming out. Took long enough for them to send out PR lmao

pagu says:

i love so much the music from your intro

derek hill says:

The most dopest video ever

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