Updated Pax Accessory: Budkups 3.0 Review and Demo

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Available on Amazon: amzn.to/2NVSWkN
and Budkups.com

Logan Fpv says:

Can you smell the weed from the carrying case? Buying the pax for how discreet it is, don't wanna give it up with these. They look awesome though!

cohiba1337 says:

hey so firstly im huge fan, secondly I bought today a budkups and they dont want to exit from the pax as yours on the movie… I need to use my maintence kit which is anoying because I will not take it with me all the time. What should I do?

Antonio Rivera says:

Great video. Which would you say gives better flavor crafty or pax 3?

B dsadasdas says:

I'm not getting much vapor, like I don't see any vapor. Is that normal? I got high which is the weirdest thing in the world but I couldn't see any vapor when exhaling. Is this normal? Just coming from a long use of cartridges and I've been used to always seeing vapor. Thanks=)

Hyletx says:

Excellent video. Kept thinking mine were getting stuck but then I remembered there's magnets at work in the pax. Guess keeping the brush or poker around is a good idea.

Tony The Tiger.!!! says:

That's Freakin Awwwesome.😮

john salazar says:

Which do you think is better at carrying pax oven sized pucks of weed on the go, the new bud kups or the weed pucks from the pax press?

richard abraham says:

Can you review the fierce ?

Weeb Steve says:

Thank's Storz & Bickel for the idea 🙂 but looks more convenient to load, Nice vid Troy and great new intro

Phuck Hugh says:

please review the grasshopper!

Alex Hernandez says:

actually really sick, thanks for this !!

levin pugsley says:

Butt cups, fuck ya!

AM T says:

is this system better than the Pax Press ?

Triper Tronic says:

Yeah, intro work's great!

Douglas Lalonde says:

Awesome new Intro Troy!

RastaVapa says:

nice product but can you use all the pods on one battery ??

GrilledCheezeSammich says:

Louis Ck of weed

Solidsnape80 says:

Damn!!!! That intro is sick!
Nice vid. 👍

jnfallin says:

This product has me considering using my Pax again

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