Using and Cleaning the Atmos Vapor Pen (silent)

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A silent look at how to clean and use shatter (BHO) in an Atmos Junior (or the larger Atmos Raw) vapor pen. Freeze product for best results.

Cleaning and maintaining the pen is crucial for clean tastes and extending the life of the pen. A properly cared for pen will last through months of continual use.

Butane Honey Oil (BHO) is a cannabis concentrate used for vaporization. The product shown in this video was obtained legally from Urban Earth Medical Cannabis Dispensary. The vapor pen used is an Atmos Junior from AtmosRx. The silicone jar is now made by Stok.

Wildest_Wahoo says:

What was in the spray bottle? just clean water?

The Angry Dango of Doom says:

What about the oil Attachment?

Chris Kotz says:

Just wanted to ask u a question since I recently got one. Is it alright to spray the inside of the chamber with alcohol even though it gets on the coil and would it be ok if I take a q tip soaked in alcohol and touch the coil without damaging?

little tee says:

zonker4965 says:

Thanks for making this. I thought mine was broken but I jjust cleaned it well (yours looked like it was used once BTW, lol) and after getting 6 months worth of dab residue and a full charge and I am smoking again without buying new parts.


they will last while


i like to scrape top of my coil with a tooth pick sometimes it all dosnt combust when too much oil is applied i like to scrape the chars off then count too 3 and let off count too three let off

Raana Brezenoff says:

+Castle Bravo Media My coil is completely gunky with hardened old wax. What do you suggest? I tried the method you show here, but it doesn't even budge. do you think soaking in ISO will help? I feel like that's what got me in this mess in the 1st place.

Nvr4Evr says:

When cleaning do you touch the coils? Thought u werent supposed to touch them as they can easily damage.

f2b says:

Whats the coil made from? When I use oils in mine its fine, But when the oil is gone and I heat the chamber.. light Blue smoke comes up.. is it the coil burning or the Old oil around the coil?

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