Using Glass Screen Filter to Vaporize Herb w Vaporizer Pen (Atmos Raw, Yocan 94F, Mak) Vape Tutorial

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Tutorial for how to use and effectively #VAPORIZE your dry #herbs instead of combusting them with portable vaporizer pens, such as the #Atmos Raw Rx,# Ago #G5, #Yocan 94F, and Yocan Mak. Check out my store for great deals on these devices:

MagicPixel says:

important question: will using the screen decrease potency of weed vs. combustion?

Joey says:

My honeycomb glass screen got stuck down in my ago G5. Anyway to get it out?

Nat Franchesco says:

can you use a STANDARD small screen also?I have one cupped directly
over the coil over an ago g5

Vegan Vibez says:

does bud have to be super dry to be able to use this? Its going to take some getting used to because apparently im too used to "combustion" because I feel like if I'm not seeing smoke, it means it's not working properly or im not doing it right

Alex Ellison says:

Do I really need a glass filter for a snoop dogg g pen?

The Great Shredman says:

Will this work for the 10cig?

J Baum says:

I may be drunk but I have the same opinions as when I when I was sober. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful channel. I appreciate your videos because you extremely professional, and most vape based channels are not. You are a cut above my friend, happy vaping.

Ahmed says:

Great vid hope this works for the ago g5 i got the small glads screen now just waiting for the pen hahA

Justin Bartlett says:

Hey man great bid, just a question though, when using broken glass, how thick should its height be and does it just work for any glass?

Vape Vet says:

To Claude Jr Chrysostome: Yes, you can this. It might even help prevent any accidental combustion from overheating.

Claude Jr Chrysostome says:

Can I use glass & a brass screen on top of the glass? I do this so the glass doesn't wobble around

Matthew Yourmum says:

Would this work for cloupor cloutank m4?

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