Utillian 5: Cannabis Wax/Shatter Vaporizer Pen – Test & Review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Utillian 5: Cannabis Wax/Shatter Vaporizer Pen – Test & Review

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The Utillian 5 is available at www.180smoke.ca/utillian-5-wax-vaporizer-pen and 180 Smoke Vape Store locations across Canada.

The Utillian 5 is a compact wax vaporizer pen, designed for use with highly viscous zero residue cannabis extracts such as shatter, honeycomb, rosin, or budder (etc). Constructed a durable but lightweight aluminum alloy, the Utillian 5 is the idea device for dabbing on the go. The 510 threaded battery base has a 1050mAh internal cell, single operating button, and variable voltage support (2.2, 2.4, 2.6, & 2.8V), the Utillian 5 atomizer has a press fit top cap with splashguard and adjustable airflow control, directly resembling the popular Sai Atomizer. The 4mm dual twisted kanthal and triple titanium coils included also use black ceramic posts that absorb oils, and allow the coils more efficiently.

For more vapes, vaporizers, and liquids, visit us at www.180smoke.com or www.180smoke.ca

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Danny Thompson says:

Hey bro, you video was so informative and well done, you immediately convinced me to purchase. Quick question, whats the life time per coil? I vape .5-1g of concentrates daily.. I tend to destroy coils in no time. Should i have bought replacements?

Cory Brown says:

When he realizes he done fucked up at 5:16 xD

Derek Matthew Zukowski says:

Just got mine in the mail ! This unit is awesome . I’ve been loving the low temp hits, very terpy . By far the best vape I’ve had for wax / rosin / shatter

Smokey420Greenleaf says:

holy crap this dude looks like Gary Busey only scarier.

Cleighton Presutti says:

Will this work with cbd isolate powder?

Ace Tuggsock says:

Coiled atomizers are being phased out. Most people combust their concentrate not vape it. Quartz bucket atomizers are coming a long way and produce way tastier healthier vapor

Darnell Sproul says:

This time I will use WeedBorn CBD products to treat myself.

Ivan Lwanga says:

Is it better than the evolve plus

burqueboy505 says:

Keep this guy out of direct sunlight

Ev Meezy says:

Right now for me it is between this utillian 5, or the EZ Sai, or the yocan plus XL….any help anyone? Thank you very much

Vapletrichs Gne says:

Great coils, but it doesn't have temperature control built in like the EZ sai for $55 bucks.

Yeetzus says:

Would slabs of shatter be good for this pen?

Chordsward Felicia says:

Can i smoke this with pièce of hash also ?

Ben Mcfee says:

This thing really works good specially with bong attachment!

DabFish710 says:

What would be your recommended load and go pen?

EVK says:

That's smoke, not vapor. You have the settings to high. You're basically hotknifing it instead of vaporizing

Kyle 0 says:

Your overloading it a little bit :p
Happy to see this video from you guys now that concentrates are legal.
Thin Distillate actually works the best in the utilian 5. It soaks right into the black ceramic coil and leaves zero residue, as opposed to rosin which junked up my coil in a week and is harder to soak into the ceramic.
The titanium coil is kinda of pointless unless you have a temp control device. Running the titanium coil on a good temp control device is a life changing experience though 😍.
The kanthol coil is very thick, looks like 22 gauge twisted half round wire, as long as I keep on cleaning the coil (alcohol soak and shake) I don't see having to replace it.

Israel Lopez Perez says:

so no good for sauce?

Kevman83 says:

"Rice grain" *puts a whole ass ball the size of like 4 or 5 grains😂

Isaiah Marquez-_- says:

Can u do a video on a tutorial of cleaning the coils ?

Calvin Crooks says:

Really informative. Thanks man.

james wade says:

how pissed are you about that bullshit flavor ban for e cigs

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