Vape Talk Ep. 26 | Ghost MV1 Stealth, WoodScents V.V. Adapter | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Vape Talk Ep. 26 | Ghost MV1 Stealth, WoodScents V.V. Adapter | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

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Ghost MV1
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Sneaky Pete Globe/C-150
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Puffco Peak Coloured Carb Caps
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Flowermate V5 Nano Universal Glass Adapter
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Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw
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Hey guys, welcome to the twenty sixth episode of Vape Talk. I’ll be posting these videos on the 25th(ish) of every month, to keep you in the loop! I’ll be answering your questions, talking about products I’m using, new things in the pipeline, upcoming videos and much more! If there’s a product that you want to see me review, or a question you’d like me to answer let me know in the comments.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!


Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

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Koreen Mohi says:

Bio-degradable packaging?

akin Hercules-Walker says:

hey please could you let me know how or where i would find one of those bubbling mouth pieces for the ghost mv1?

Edward Morales says:

SLX non stick grinder. I love it!!

EliteDavid Horne says:

It's weird seeing your face. But I'm glad you kept the review style with with only hands and torso visible.

Jeremiah Rivera says:

I really like my SLX grinder. Very nice consistent grind and the grinder doesnโ€™t get sticky because of the coating.

bulllee says:

Santa Cruz shredder gives a good overall grind. If I want it fine I do it again.

David Sinanan says:

Just marathoned all the Vape Talks. Impressed with the channel. Suggestion: Reverse your playlist order. I should go from 1 up, not the latest down to 1. Chronology from the first to the latest makes more sense. That way users can click on #1 and binge without clicking again. Playlist order from latest to first means that to watch it in order, you have to manually select each video to get them in order.

Just looking into getting my first vapes. Been smoking for almost 20 years and want to switch for the health benefits. Fairly settled on both the Arizer Extreme Q and ArGo. Hoping to pick them up tomorrow.

I've always smoked Shotties/Poppers…so I'm worried I won't get the big, heavy hits that I'm looking for…I suppose we'll see soon.

Magnusday says:

I live in Sweden, we are so far behind. I believe with other countries doing a responsible transition and making it legal it will show the way and hopefully legalization will go much faster. Sadly USA haven't been responsible. I just bought my first vape and I low the difference in effect from the first hit :). It's so much more smooth and controllable.

Jordan Carr says:

YO are you from Nova Scotia dude? The way you talked about smoking rules tipped me off. I live in NS, too.

regged rooted says:

Love your reviews Pete going to help me buy my first unit. Thanks from Washington State USA!

The Vinyl Truffle says:

You ever going to do the sativa vs indica video u talked about doing? I think it would be very informative as i find vaping effects vary vastly from smoking effects

Vapletrichs Gne says:

The best part is we donโ€™t go dry during the winters anymore. Thank god.

Miriam Gabriela Perez Duarte says:

How Can I send you products for review?ย Love your reviews!

Brandon Reinlander says:

I was looking to get a vape and wondering what your thoughts are on the Zeus Arc GT

Brian Goncalves says:

Get yourself a Lift clipper grinder and the dreamer grinder. Trust me pete I've got dozens (including the one in this video)
and the lift is my favorite by a Long shot!!! The lift's unique design and customizability have me reaching for it over
my santa cruz shredder almost every time. Also it's made in Canada by some cool dudes in manitoba show them some love!

the dreamer is just crazy cool and would definitely make for a cool video

Also Cali crushers and Mendo Mulchers ain't bad either

Nick May says:

That MV1 GOST is a Top looking vape !. Are theay worth the money ? And how good is the MV1 ? Is it better than the Arizer E Q ?. I have a 2018 Dynavap M witch is a little Beast other vape but the blow torch is a bit inconvenient sometimes. What portable vape would you recommend ?.

It's Chemical says:

I donโ€™t know about bc, but In Saskatchewan and Alberta the only place you can smoke the weed is inside your residence (backyard isnโ€™t included still illegal to smoke outside, at least thatโ€™s what the cop at my school said) and the weed you buy from the dispensary has to be sealed if pulled over otherwise you can get ticketed for it

Kutulue says:

New to vaping. Got a Boundless CF coming in the post. Got a question about coils or meshs. My vaporizer will be for dried herb only. I have read that people change the coils in their vape every 4 weeks or so. Is this only an issue with liquids or wax? Do I need to get new parts for this every month?

Nick May says:

3 piece Santa Cruz shredder brother !๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Pascal Lรคsser says:

Hey Sneaky Pete,
first of all, I love your channel.
There are so many Vaporizers out there. I've been watching a lot of your reviews but still can't decide which one to buy. I'm a student, so my budget is limited (around 100โ‚ฌ/ 150 Canadianย $). Do you have any tips for me?
Greetings from Austria

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