Vape Talk Episode 4 | Da Vinci IQ, Arizer Black Stem, Milaana | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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Hey guys, welcome to the fourth episode of Vape Talk. I’ll be posting these videos on the 25th of every month, to keep you in the loop! I’ll be answering your questions, talking about products I’m using, new things in the pipeline, upcoming videos and much more! If there’s a product that you want to see me review, or a question you’d like me to answer let me know in the comments.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!


Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

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Gorilla 228 says:

Hi, can you tell where you bought the black aroma tube for arizer air?

Tiago Fernandes says:

Davinci iq works well, good temperature adjustment and strong steam, tasty and smooth to the throat, the flavor chamber helps a lot to reduce the temperature, but the cleaning should be done more deeply, in the space between the oven and the flavor chamber in the Cleaning video do not show this and neither provide a tool capable of cleaning, the parts are not exactly of poor quality, but assembly is poor, with six months of use began to release the glue that holds the finish of the oven cover, The lid dismantled and also removed the magnet from the oven cover, then took off the magnet of the top cover also, with some cleaning around the sphere the chrome around it began to leave, this only with six months of use, 10 years warranty Is very daring and marketing, the battery that comes with the device is completely disposable and should come with a warning that it is just to test the product, very dangerous the involucro is starting to burn at the positive pole, and it heats up a lot, Which they sell separately is a little better, 274 $ is too much for this device that does not appreciate the quality (be careful when threading the oven pearl because the silicone thread also breaks easily) …

Nimue says:

Pax 3 vs. Grasshopper

Matt Chae says:

davinci iq vs arizer air

Billy says:

Hey pete are you gonna get a full review out on the IQ soon ?

LB says:

What's your take on that vape with all the names from different brands I think the latest name is healthy rips force (149$) , it's also called the titanic 2 and some other names . In videos it looks like it gets the job done

LB says:

When will the Milaana or Zion be Available on your site ? Are you getting a firewood 4.0 ?

LB says:

CFV vs swift pro

Mike Allmand says:

DaVinci ascent vs iQ please

Roy Henry says:

what color is that in the davinci iq?

Tom bob says:

Grasshopper vs Pax 3 review/ comparison

trulukkyphrank says:

davinci IQ vs every other high end portable vaporizer 🙂 I really like the iq

Acid Skies says:

Is Sneaky Pete's head just one enormous nugg of weed?

Brandon Norvell says:

My favorite way to use my quartz banger is to heat it directly from the bottom, evenly until I can see it glowing pretty intensely, and then I wait exactly 30, sometimes a little bit less.

Thomas Q says:

love seeing the Crafty go up against other vaporizers!

Jacob Lefcourt says:

The comparison videos I'd really like to see is: mid-range vape (boundless CF for example) and why you should buy that over a higher end vape. Whether or not the extra money is worth the extra performance.

one thing davinci missed with their pill container was an included funnel for the IQ. Would have liked to see that rather than a generic container

Āris Plūģis says:

don't be hyped about Pax3 man. very many vapsters say that 2nd edition is way better than this new one. especially in terms of built quality and materials used.

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Been asking this to reviewers and get a different answer every time. I own a Crafty. Would an IQ be just as good if not better because of the removable battery? Or is it not as efficient and powerful?

rivercats58 says:

Heat the banger up till its red hot and wait about 45-1:20 seconds and use a carb cap usually the best way in my opinion.

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