Vape Trick Tutorial – How to: Ghost Inhale | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Vape Trick Tutorial – How to: Ghost Inhale

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Hey guys!

Lately I have had a lot of requests to do a ghost tutorial, so here it is! I hope these tips can help you with your vape tricks, and if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below which I will be checking actively! If you guys liked this video make sure to leave a like, and subscribe to my channel for more!

What other vape trick tutorials do you guys want to see?

broey bro says:

Bro stop vaping you look like ur dead

mile Leodoza says:

nice austin

John Ordona says:

Nice tutorial men

Akash John says:

Hey vape experts> What's the best vape kit , for the best flavour and cloud ?.. Reply Below πŸ™‚

Some Pepeg says:

12 year olds joined the chat

young savage drippen says:

Im high asf rn and idk how i found it and i have school tmr and i have my 2 period bitch ass bum fat teacher but i love yall im going to a different dimension CYA;)

marlen m. says:

the fact that you can do this makes you 100x more attractive lmao

Talecia P says:

Sorry to say but this is actually called a mushroom cloud. Funny how young people want to take something old and make it new. You still did that shit tho!

GhettoWilderness says:

Didn’t ghost but I learned how to blow perfect o’s

Gamer. Story._ says:

some from Indonesia?

Casey says:

I can NOT do the mouth hit to save my life

Desiree Green says:

I know that's a lot of juice

Elizabeth - says:

Vapetard, lol. smh

Moises Vazquez says:

Cuerrently trying this on a wax cartdige and im high asf already, i.already tried doing it for 5 times ahaha

Odd says:

Lmao how this isnt copyrighted by lil xanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Vienna Rae says:

Ok! But I need them examples tho!!

lmao eat my peepee says:

Instructions misunderstood, now I'm getting ghost inhaled by the vape.

Fairy Acids says:

who is sat here with there vape trying to do a trick

Candy4CashTV says:

How many people watching this cuz they have ah puff bar?😐

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