VapeLife Chats About New Vaporizers Davinci Ascent, Arizer Solo Mini, Wizvape & Faq’s

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Here we chat about new Vaporizers coming out for review and some frequently asked questions like ‘does vapor smell? Which is the best Vaporizer?’ Happy to answer questions in comments. Busting out the Fisheye Lens? More reviews coming soon. ~ &

All Music Produced, Arranged & Mixed by VapeLife Will

Alex says:

hit up the guys at Vapman and try to test out a unit man! curious your thought, I too have one in the mail 

S CHE says:

Pax or DaVinci Ascent or is there something better?

Jesse Guido says:

My ascent comes tomorrow and Im fucking stoked! How is it for vaping oils/concentrates? Any suggestions on temps for vaping the above?

Chris M. says:

thanx for the vidz…  have a great vape day… have bought and not bought using info from many of ur vidz…

acryte95one says:

Ayo vape life!!! What do you suggest a good atomizer or clearo to go along with my ego c twist 1000 mah battery?? I just got put on vapin, so wuss good locdog !!

MrRecycleFriend says:

Music was a bit louder than you're voice. Couldn't really hear that well but still answered a couple of questions I had. So thanks, keep on on doing what you do

VapeLife Will says:

Yes! That's what I like to hear, my Arizer Solo brotha! Keep on Vapin' Locdog and I'll catch ya soon! VapeLife 🙂

guruhotsauce says:

Greetings from! Thanks to you and only you I bought an Arizer solo instead of the well pushed Pax. I never would have considered it because of it's clunky size. I totally love it. Wow. My buddy got the Pax and after trying both I am glad I found your reviews. The flavor the flavor the flavor. Never overburns and only undercooks if you set it low. Your reviews are so chill and fun. Thanks. You really are helping people far out of your immediate circle! Keep it up Will. Eric.

MedsindaBong420 says:

and i only had it for a month

MedsindaBong420 says:

my da vinci i got broke. so i wont trust the next one. but im hittin up your store tomorrow for a solo cant wait!!!

marc hernandez says:

710 mini/ Micro Vape – glass globe attachment is my two baby's right now. Vape Life!!!

Joey O'Keefe says:

i got the pulsar vortex. how filled is too full? it looks like i put too much in and it ran down the sides of the cartrage stuck inside of the clear plastic outside of it. i would love a review on it

guardthehive says:

Solo for two years strong.
Best flower vaporizer out their.

willist126 says:

Yo will and other vapelife fans there is a pen style herbal vaporizer called the pulsar 7. This vape is only like $60 online and it works pretty damn well for the price plus I think you can attach other similarly shaped batteries.

Tony Badurina says:

Wizvape is a bust no good.You don't want a video.

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