VapeUnbox 002: Pulsar APX Vaporizer Unboxing! ($60 Dry Herb Vape) | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

VapeUnbox 002: Pulsar APX Vaporizer Unboxing! ($60 Dry Herb Vape)

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Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vaporizer Unboxing!

Check out the Pulsar APX here:

And Here:

This is the second video in the dry herb vaporizer unboxing series and I think you guys will like this one. The Pulsar APX is only $60 and the features look pretty decent. You get 5 different temp settings, a 6 month warranty, and its pretty small weighing only 67 grams. I still haven’t had the chance to use it fully and test it out so be sure to subscribe and be on the look out for the full Pulsar APX review.

Thanks for watching and take it easy.



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Joel Roskind says:

what is burn off
unit new-cannot get good vape

Jordan says:

How do i change the screen on this vape? it comes with extra ones

Yee Haw says:

just got mine. pretty good for 60 (I bought at a local shop so it was 70). always feel like there's some sort of plastic taste but vapes great, no burn

Lily Jones says:

What's a burn off? New vaper. Trying to learn some new stuff before I dive into it.

VapeTech Canada says:

does it leave off a strong smell of weed or burnt popcorn?

bulletron3000 says:

I love mine. It doesn't hit as hard or as smooth as my mflb, and it has this sometimes potent burnt popcorn smell while it's heating up. It certainly gets the job done though. The convenience and portability are great for discreet on the go vaping. For 60 bucks I would recommend this to anyone.

Vaporizer Review says:

Nice! For $60, I was pretty impressed by how well in performed, and I'm really digging the design of the one you got.

Ryan Dailey says:

great video once again, dig the idea to use the vape in the next video. Buuuut more importantly that shirt is epic…..

Plopp R says:

When can we see you do a review of the Sidekick?

Phuck Hugh says:

Well maybe you could stop the video to do a burn off and a cleaning with iso then start recording again. do some editing

Luciano says:

Hell yeah! Loving the different camera angles.

VapeLife Will says:

Hell yea man. VL 🙂

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