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18+older. Finally a product than csn deliver amazing vapor with ease plus vape concentrate!?!? The Aria is just that. As soon as I opened the box and read I knew this product was gonna be the one. It is so user friendly and the display tells you everything from temp to battery life to when its ready and for how long. The 5 minute digital timer is such a nice touch it really makes it easy to know how long your vape is heated for. The unit comes with extras screens, filters, concentrate pad, charger, and brush making it ready and complete with extras. I am not even a person who vapes a lot but I can tell you I got so excited from this and it was fin to use and it is hands down the best vape I have used. It produces amazing vapor with the great taste and I got baked and the best part the concentrate pad worked!! We vaped weed and concentrates!!! You must try this!! We take an up close look at the Aria and we vape a couple loads and look at the vaped weed. Enjoy!!!!




Space Monkey Video Games says:

11:18 Stop yankin' it Jolie

lui s says:

Your hats would be better if u bend them trust me

Wendy Hrico says:

Dude i fucking love your intro you make my day doing tht funny sht ty dawg for being yourself💯


12:35 when you've smoked yourself retarded

Major Burns says:


bombe says:

Yuhh 🔥 love ur vids

Doug Newman says:

465 is for concentrates,that’s smoke you toolbox.Why do ppl send you vapes,I’ll never understand

ut000bs says:

Did a huge dab of Cherry Pie shatter with you up here on the island by the air station. Come up and check out our stores if you're around. Got some great people up here.
Dude, I'm high AF. 😜🌬🌬
People don't know how good we got it in Washington, bro. Even people in CO don't know. 😉👍✌️

CurlyTop Marin says:

I really dont understand why people keep saying that this man is a sell out. Joelie has a family he has to provide for, isnt it fair as his subscribers we let him do that and entertain us? #donofdabs do your thing baby 💨💨👍💖

Soap GD says:

Hey bro I’m just happy you making vids and getting fuckin high even though I took a long ass break and haven’t watched your videos until recently still enjoying the videos you post now!!!

Alex reske says:

Is that a Viva Piñata tattoo?

Micah Wooten says:

You can buy those little dab rock things for bongs too! Super smooth rips and keeps the flavor

Rebecca Rincon says:

Lol crackheads dream dude is crazy

Sam Howl says:

Whales R US

Jayden Davidson says:

When he said he could smell the herb and got up, thought he was bringing me a whiff 🤔

Micah Wooten says:

Arent you vaping every time you ingest concentrates though.?

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