Vaping High CBD Hemp Flower – 4 Reasons to Vape Hemp Buds

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Do you want the ultimate, most enjoyable, most authentic CBD vaping experience? Then you have to try vaping high-CBD hemp flower.

This video explains the pros and cons of vaping whole hemp CBD flower.
It is true full spectrum, whole plant hemp. There are no additives and enjoying the aroma and taste of the raw plant is amazing.

It is a little pricey and you need a dry herb vaporizer and an herb grinder, but it is well worth the expense.

We also have a demo of grinding the bud, and packing and vaping the ground up high cbd hemp flower.

I also give some places where you can buy hemp flower.

MaxMan says:

So what would be the advantage of Vaping as opposed to smoking in a joint or pipe?

Organic Globe says:

So when it says the flower has 15% cbd, does that mean per gram?

Deborah Rose says:

I'm with you on the natural – the flavors and sweetness of that crap is nasty. I'm so glad I found you and your site, thank you. Honest reviews.

Darcy Garrow says:

If I smoke alot can I fail a drug test?

Jackie Losey says:

I just received some hemp flowers from Tweedle Farms. Wonderful stuff John

Mark B says:

John can you just roll it up and smoke it

Marisa Lobue says:

CBD has done wonders for my anxiety and chronic pain! This is y equivalent to a glass of wine, beer, or a cocktail! The ultimate relaxation without the negative effects of THC!

Phaction says:

Great vid, one of the first I've found advocating vaping flower as the best way of taking CBD, I agree its a much more personal way of taking it, like enjoying good food/wine. I would be inclined to bring up the point about it being the most expensive way of taking it though, theres a couple of interesting articles out there worth reading about bioavailability (ingestion vs sublingual vs vaping) which explain that vaping is several times more efficient at absorbing the most mgs of CBD from the product, so for instance comparing vaping a 1g of 20% CBD flower (200mg) to taking a 200mg full spectrum CBD oil sublingually or through ingestion, the difference appears to be significantly in favour of vaping bud in both potency and thus cost effectiveness because more mg is reaching the blood stream (4-20% via Ingestion vs 34-54% via vaping). Its a win for vaping essentially, according to what I've read. It would be really useful to have more comprehensive information on dosing with CBD flowers and vids like yours on these kinds of subjects. Thanks again for the vid mate!

andre heron says:

There is a cbd shop opening in my town in 2 weeks. I cannot wait to try some decent cbd.

suzanne haché says:

i had dead bubba ( a high cbd strain) 6% thc 13%cbd…everything went well until i took my anxiety pill (clonazepam) …isnt there any 100%cbd strain 🙁

CHRISdoesCBD says:

So how do you like the flower? I have only used hemp flowers and also do reviews on them myself but watching your videos has me wanting to try out the cbd vape oils especially for work hours ……btw I have a few discount codes for cbd companies if your interested in trying some companies out …..

PapaPat .Patterson says:

I don’t think I’ll be doing this format, but I do need advice on my vape oils. Unfortunately, I’m babysitting two of my grandkids, and I don’t have the packaging with me. I bought one vial that contains, I believe, 500 CBD and 500 terpenes, and it hurts my (lungs? Bronchial tubes?) to vape it. I bought another vial that says it I’d 100% isolate, and that doesn’t hurt, but i. Not sure how much I’m getting with that. When I get home this evening, I’ll get the exact figures off the packaging. It’s not supposed to hurt, is it?

BAYTS says:

What is your opinion on 1000MG @ 65% CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge 2-Pack from FTP?

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