Vaping wax in an Arizer with *Vapor Pebbles*

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Here we use 2 packets of Vapor Pebbles to convert an Arizer Extreme Q* herb vaporizer into a wax/oil/tincture/liquid vaporizer.

Vapor Pebbles are 100% recycled borosilicate glass. They can be cleaned by rinsing in alcohol and letting dry. They are near indestructible and are reusable.

Vapor Pebbles can be used in most herb vapes, bowls, pipes, and hookahs to make them able to vaporize wax, oil, liquid, or tincture. Get bigger, smoother clouds than nails can give you, with Vapor Pebbles!

Get Vapor Pebbles at and start vaping!

*We are not affiliated with Arizer
For sale to and use by adults only. For use with legal waxes, oils, liquids, and tinctures only.

Music used: Sunrise by Jens Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

eyeorderchaos says:

your .tk link is bullshit

Ben Smith says:

Can i get these pebbles or anything similar on Amazon

Ben Smith says:

Where do you get these pebbles

Zaivx says:

Just ordered the pebbles 2 days ago from ebay, I'll update the comment upon review

Terez Harris says:

I just got my bag of Vaporizing Borosilicate Pebbles yesterday and I have successfully used them to vape concentrate out of all 7 of my glass pieces, my Xvape Vital herbal vaporizer, and my Arizer Extreme Q. These little glass pebbles are the most clutch thing ever. They work better than any of my nails and are much more efficient and consistent with the hit I get off them. Also the dabs I get off these pebbles are so much smoother than regular nails.

TallBoy says:

Wouldn't a metal holder be more effective? Something like an upside thimble? It would heat up but because it has no holes in the bottom it wouldn't leak. It would also build up resin so if you didn't finish a bowl it would be saved for next time. Am I wrong?

MetalMaster4x4 says:

Cool, can't wait to try them. I wonder if they are available in Canada?

RJ Huggins says:

What temperature are you using for the concentrates?

Daniel Kennerk says:

ive seen someone cut a volcano oil pad to fit the airizers cyclone bowl and use it for a wax/oil screen in there. can i do the same, and add the vapor pebbles? That way whatever possibly leaks through the pebbles isnt wasted at all.

ro866432 says:

does the wax drip down into the heating element?

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