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This video is for legal medical marijuana patients/adults.

The vape I used in this video:
Use the code “MERMAID” for a free gift

My social media:
Snapchat: mj.mermaid

Képkeretgyártó Laci says:

I love you.

Kaylin Gainer says:

I am planning on getting a job at a dispensary. Do you have any videos that show the mechanics of a vape like can you make a video of the old unboxing and putting Herb in Etc.?

John Bennett says:

Vaping above 388 releases benzene

Carolina Galeano says:

you have very pretty eyes and eye shape… and lashes lol

Just J says:

Too cute! I just bought an Exxus mini and I love it!

Jordan Smith says:

Some vaporizers can handle both wax and dry products but if you're going to do it turn it up high.

Ramin Asd says:

you are beautiful! thanks for the video.

llumiinati says:

Says she aint promoting the brand…puts a promotion code in description…lmao high ass bitch

Alex Dix says:

Lol i feel bad cuz I think I bought a shitty vape it's coming in 5 days. The only reason I bought a cheap ass one is because I'm 18 turning 19 soon and I'm a senior in high school. I don't smoke at the house i do it when I'm walking my dog or sneak outside by the park by our house . But my mom would go crazy if she saw me smoking she caught me once and made me pack up my things and threatened to kick me out. So i rather spend 20 dollars than 50. My best friend boyfriend smokes ecigs due to his nicotine addiction and when his mom found his vape she took it and trashed it. And my friend spent 60-70 dollars. I'll be dead if I wasted all my work money . I just hope it will last me at least until I can buy a better one.

Baka Pierre says:

This was mad chill.

Dip-fry says:

About the smell, does it stick to your clothes?

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