Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review (OLD)

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My review of the Vapium Summit vaporizer – See my rating here:


Victoria Anne says:

Bought the Summit a few years ago as our first (and only) vape.. and was super surprised and disappointed by the amount of vapor you get off a hit.. So, I quickly stopped using it and went back to smoking using a pipe.
Am I doing something wrong with the Summit, or is it just like that? It feels almost like it wastes herb?

Andrew02371 says:

ive had mine for 4 years now, still works like when it was brand new, just a lot of res after hundreds of sessions

Tracy LaPointe says:

Does the vape that comes out smell like pot? Or is it not?

Emily Anderson says:

Do you have to press the button when you draw on it?
Wtf are the concentration pads for?
Why don’t the instructions actually instruct you how to use this?

Emily Anderson says:

So you put crumbled up buds into it and it vapes? Does it smell like weed or is the smell filtered out?

John O'Donovan says:

Sick of hearing street peeps saying Price Point. What happened to cost or price . Just like the overuse of Narrative. Or maybe it's just the shades that are making xx xxxx to delete all Hipsters and Millennials from existence.

yeyo710 says:

GQ 2 chainz got ne here.

Criss Kywalker says:

Sorry I was late to the show lol. Picked this up about 14 months ago and didn’t use it much at all, just started using it again – and works awesome.
Good video. I like it and this the Pax isn’t that dissimilar as well. You hit everything spot on, only thing you missed mentioning was that the chamber can hold concentrates…I know the vape comes with a few concentrate screens.

Ronaldo Ramirez says:

I recently purchased the vapium summit + I think it's definitely an update from the original. It comes with a build in poker/packer. Battery life is decent. Overall I definitely recommend it to someone who is just starting or an out doors person. I take mine everywhere ! Also vaporizing saves lots of money and you can make edibles with your vaped herb.

Miejski Raport Official says:

Ive spent around 250euro including custom fee and it seems to be not working as i expected. No smoke at all. Poor heating. To send it back it would cost me another 50-100e. There is more better and cheaper around. Am not happy at all !!!

Caiden Keren says:

6:15 hit with babes. Mm-mmm-mmm

Caiden Keren says:

Mr. OG Slicker. heheh Huslting with the game *puff * puff

Pavel Vodnar says:

ive got g-pro and because its almost broken (still usable but not for a long time) i think this will be good replacement

wiregh0st says:

what sunglasses are those holy shit. i can't seem to find them anywhere.

Sungodv says:

the sunglasses era…this is a great vape. Review the Plus

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