Vaporizator Bob Marley G pen

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DeadpoolFTWteentitansgosucks 2002 says:

What about the e juice?

Forced Identity says:

Gpen newbie here

You put the bug directly on the coil, aye? I assume.,..since the tank is around it

Lori Bermani says:

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Tamara Simon says:

just bought one.. but how long do I charge for?

Buddy Kansas says:

I found the secret of smoking weed. Put it in a regular pipe or roll it and smoke it. Fuck these vaporizers. Vaporizers are gimmicks.

DARF says:

It's ok, gotta puff like you're smokin a cigar really quick to get it goin but once you do it hits like a champ and I honestly do get higher off of a smaller amount. The major downside is it seems you have to buy a whole new pen set once the coil burns out. I've looked all over and I can't seem to find single chambers or coils.

Mike doe says:

can you use concentrates in it?

x Frieza x says:

does it get you high easy?

Nikki Mims says:

I'm having trouble getting heat :/

MyHellboy87 says:

it is a great pen and it gets pretty hot

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