Vaporizing vs. Smoking Cannabis

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Vaporizing cannabis as a method of consumption has been gaining more and more popularity because it’s MUCH safer and healthier for you than smoking.

Let’s explore the real differences between the two and weigh the positives versus the negatives.

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D Murrieta says:

Thank you so much for this video ( :

xproDJx says:

sold me. getting one now

Krishna Bhu - Mandala says:

Stick your head in the toilet and flush…

Jax says:

This bitch is a fucking moron

saatief says:

If its a high your looking for smoke ive vaped and smoked smoking the high is stronger vapong is less the reason why i dont know but after 30 plus year using cannbis vaping eating smoking……. rather smoke for a high and wish it was hash lol

Daniel Miller says:

Been using a Vapor Bros unit for about six years with out a single problem and on the original parts.  I only switched screens ones because I damaged the first one on accident.  My cough went away.  My breathing became better over the years.

Johnny Smith says:

I have a bong if I am in a hurry…But when I aint on the edibles I am on my vape about 4 hits morning 4 hits bed..Got to go find my sisters cats ..(forgot those furballs were here ) how do I get them back i tried whistling and calling cat

Edd Boom says:

I still like the harshness tho i plan on switching some day soon

John Westraadt says:

Benefits of vape so far: consistent high, cleaning is more graceful, you never need a lighter, no chest irritation, and best of all – saving money!

devin says:

just 5 more degrees….

CBD HempwoRxNURSE says:

Love vaping with my VapeXhale especially 🙂

Dominic da Costa says:

I want that background music playing at my funeral

Justin Layle says:

Hopefully by now some has taught her the proper pronunciation of cannabinoids

Cannabis Saves Lives! says:

I DO NOT like vaporizing I find it's a waste of my cannabis, but to each their own. I get no affect from vaporizing so this theory that you're getting much more of the medicinal cannabinoids I do not believe. You're just getting them in a different molecular state and some might benefit from vaporized, some might benefit from smoked. I cured my dog of bone cancer with him home made oil and so soooo much more.. Come check me out.

Mizu _- says:

You have a great personality and professional video … But all your facts are dead wrong and you obviously did not do your research and only picked the first thing you read what a shame

Brandon Allen says:

Yes,yes and yes. Smoked on and off for years. Just now tried Vaping and wow wish we had this back in my day. Clean, strong, TASTY!!! hits. That really get the job done for my meds.

Deadpool says:

How long does vaporizing stay in your system?

randle guill says:

Good job .
I will share my story, since you asked.
I am a 63 year …..young man.
Very healthy and have always been athletic . Except for one issue which began som ten years ago.
I have smoked weed since I was 15 ..on and off.. (mostly on)
I have always been a construction guy..
Welding , painting cars, etc.
I was not careful, with my lungs..but that was never an issue until ten , or so years ago.
I was operating an old open cab bulldozer out near Abilene TX. , clearing mesquite trees.
Winter time , so damn dusty that I could barely see at times.
And , as usual, I was blazing me a joint every few hours.
I began coughing one night.
It got so violent that it was actually scary.
Something happened in my chest..something felt like it tore, or whatever.. right lung , and I have had trouble ever since..antibiotics for ear and chest infections. several times and really short of breath, at times.
I thought I had cancer.
I was so weak and dizzy one morning that I went to the hospital and had a complete physical, x-rays, blood oxygen saturation..etc.
Chronic bronchitis.
So…I became more careful , except for my weed.
I love to be high.
It makes my life tolerable.
I do not want to quit.
For ten years I have been tense ,.. each time I light up, I wonder if it is going to fire that lung up , and hurt like
influenza…you know, the aching all over your back, and such.
I dont want to die.
I live in Red Neck County ,(lol! ), Texas , and it is hard to get weed , so I've been out for several weeks.
My lung has cleared up quite a lot and I feel better than I have for a long time.
I think that my lung would be almost normal if I never smoke again.
I also think the idea of not being stoned sucks as bad as not living.
I have tried to "go slow ", or "cut back"…and it helps.
But when I have it, I smoke the shit out of it.
I know I need to do something different…yesterday….
I didnt think you could taste weed when you use a vaporizer .
That is what brought me to this thread
That is why I am taking a second look at the vaporizer.
I will get one when I get some more damn weed…
I hope my story is not too boring , or long.
It took years for the stuff in this story to occur, and I really DID condense it for the sake of anyone who reads it..
And for any one who reads my crap…please, ..Don't be careless with your lungs.
It can give you some misery like you would not believe. .
Thanks you for the info.
Very good explanation.
And a pretty girl,which is always pleasant. ..

samreyna55 says:

Thanks for the video positive vibes I’m most definitely going to switch to vapors

Slone Acevidi says:

Alright, so I get WICKED BAD anxiety when I smoke weed, during the come-up. I don't get that bad of anxiety when I eat edis or when I do wax pens. Does anyone who gets weed anxiety get anxiety when they vaporize it?

slouch potatoe says:

pax 2 all day every day, my road dog. my #1 homie lol.

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