Vivant Alternate Vaporizer Review w/ Crafty Comparison

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My review of the Vivant Alternate portable vaporizer and how it compares to the Crafty.

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Pream Persaud says:

Guys the mouthpiece cracks and breaks every month… 25$ to replace…. purchased 3 after about 4 months and threw the fuckin thing away. Piece of shit

michele batten says:

$130! Damn that's expensive compared to papers & a lighter. Which have always worked well for me the last 30+ years.

Stoned Jesus says:

its the worst vaporizer i ve ever had.

psymon says:

Vivant have upgraded the mouthpiece since this video. They integrated a little metallic aircooler on the mouthpiece right where the screen is on this one and it's so much better now!they also made a hole in the upper part for the heat to escape. Really good and plenty quality vape!!! The best feature of Alternate is that you can change the battery i have 3 batteries and a fast charger that needs an hour. Second best feature is that you can adjust the air flow from totally open to totally closed with 2 ways not many vapes have this feature. it vaporizes the herb equally and It doesn't smell plastic at all if you burn it 5 minutes before the first use and clean the mouthpiece with alcohol. that's a rule for all vapes.It's quick it has the best size chamber i just love it!!

filledb says:

The only review that is valid is when the reviewer has been using the item for a while. Appreciate your video…

Dom C says:

Crafty not having replaceable batteries is the one aspect that puts me off buying it.

Leyan 2 says:

how i ajust the auto shut off timer?

soter305 says:

Yeah one minute session, I don’t think superman Could get high in that time. Great video as usual. You set the standard for these other slackers to go by.

Mark Ledingham says:

Hey Vape Critic, I am an older man who needs to purchase a somewhat cheaper vape. But I suffer with some issues with pretty strong weakness in both of my hands. Is it real hard to load or do you think that someone with issues with my hands after my accident might be able to load and clean after use? I have been looking at the Vap Cap, simple to load and unload. Torch easy to turn off and turn off? I may start saving for a  Dynavap 2018 VapCap M. $10 monthly saved in a mason jar 6 or 7 months to earn a 2018 M version unit with a torch. Which would you say is easier to work? I am asking you because I see you have used all of them out in the vape world!!

valveman12 says:

I have to wonder how safe it is to have an aluminum bowl?

kerpal321 says:

this is a great vaporizer, i love mine

Marky Ochoa says:

Every review I've seen has a noticeable disappointment by the reviewers that such a quality product for the price performs as well or better than their beloved Crafty. I also harbor such sentiments.

Acid Skies says:

Heat seems to shut off overtime theres a low battery warning… i'm hoping its something that can be updated with firmware.

jesse flamand says:

i cant believe how professional and descriptive your videos are, and if people really want to get there value, and a proper vape for themselves, they should definitely take your word on things…

Gustavo Cardoso says:

Which one is the best: Da Vinci Ascent or the Vivant Alternate?

Acid Skies says:

I just spent the weekend with it, and I'm pretty damn impressed. The quality of the device was better than I thought it would be. I like the smaller bowl size, helps to keep my sessions less heavy. The top gets pretty hot when it's in use but it's not a problem. Things I like – removable battery, bowl size, air flow, 5 min shut off, USB port, digital display, incremental heat setting, beeps at the end of session, stirring tool. Things I didn't like, having to hold the power button to start heating AFTER turning it on, not being able to turn up temp without turning heat off first, then turning it back on.

AJ Jawidowicz says:

looking at this compared to the flowermate. any thoughts anyone?

heinz abednego says:

dude omfg do u kno how many 18650/ i got just laying around (i vape) jeez. too bad from seeing the comments the device sucks ?anywaysz.. vape critic whats up man! i need your help. i need a vaporizer i got $250 to spend and im gonna get the plenty. i was going to get the crafty but brcause of the defects ill just get the plenty. would tat be a good choice or gamble and get the crafty ? i prefer portable but not liking the return defective parts of crafty

kandydavins says:

Which is better, do a direct comparison video please! thanks man!

kandydavins says:

Cool to see people are finally trying to compete with storz bickel, we need more competition to drive their prices down

GeorgeCee says:

By the way. Go to the F**K Combustion forum and you will see that the chief engineer at Vivant (Josh) has mentioned they might increase the warranty and they are looking into this. Vivant is very easy to contact and deal with. Just call them here in the US and they are very hands on with customer service. For $117 if mine breaks, I 'll just buy another one. Phone: (844) 8-VIVANT 3059 Edinger Ave, Tustin, CA 92780 Happy Vaping

HypeMaster26 says:

wonderful video content as usual. cherrs mate!

zach bordynowski says:

Do you have a milaana? Would love to see a review

spancer87 says:

Hey man, how about the MiniVap? American made supposedly high quality convection vaporizer. Expected you to give a review a long time ago on this fairly high end unit.

S G says:

Like a Crafty knockoff

Lou lou says:

works good but the top cracks from the heat

1OOsmiles says:

I wonder how you might compare this to the Boundless CF – Is the Boundless brand better in general?

Andrew Thompson says:

I've been looking all over for a dry herb vaporizer that takes 18650s!

The 'wait till it charges' aspect of other portable units that have an internal battery is a significant problem. But it's easy to carry extra 18650 batteries.

Peachy Flower says:

Great review thanks. You are the best vape reviewer I've ever come across.

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