Vivant Ambit Review – Ultra Portable Convection Herb Vape – $80 | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Vivant Ambit Review – Ultra Portable Convection Herb Vape – $80

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The Ambit is a budget friendly convection powered dry herb vape from Vivant.
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Andrea Spadoni says:

I'm not qualified to attest this. But I'm almost positive that the sound the vape makes is a noise made by the inductor, the component used to regulate the current.

valveman12 says:

Hey Troy
Rx this one today and gotta say I am impressed! The vapor is plenty and the draw is easy. I load mine fluffy! My only complaint is that I still have a plastic taste and even after I cycled the unit several times at max temp. Hopefully, that will disappear.
See this guy vape with the Ambit at full temp…Spoiler Alert…He burnt it!

Jt Munn says:

I wish you wouldve talked about how hot the mouth piece gets even on the first hit the wpa is Absolutely necessary

Austin 420 says:

I agree the temperature is way way way off!! I found that out on the first hit lol

Aayush Modi says:

How would you compare this to a regular dynavap m?

david029014 says:

That little thing is kicking some clouds

Justin Wilson says:

Came here cause my v2 pro series 7 is dying. Love how you review the high end stuff, the budget stuff, and now the cheap stuff! Thank you for your work!


Great video Troy! Not in the market for a budget vape but I enjoy your videos.

Maxime Bastarache says:

Cool video keep them coming. love the chanel. want more

dr octagon says:

lmao at that little mt of ashes… wishbone brought nothing but bad luck lol..

Jt Munn says:

I hate to say this but often times it's true the reason it has that horrible sound is because of a couple of cheap components.

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