Volcano Classic Vaporizer: How to Use – Review/Demo Tutorial with Vapor MC

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www.vapornation.com/volcano-classic-vaporizer.html – In this video we demonstrate how to operate the Classic Volcano Vaporizer made by German manufacturers Storz & Bickel.The Volcano was the very first vaporizer to feature an internal fan and balloon bag delivery system. Widely considered the best vaporizer on the market, the Volcano features a fast-acting fan system, 9 temperature settings and a robust loose leaf heating chamber. Also available with a “solid valve” delivery system, this tutorial focuses on the “easy valve” apparatus.

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Nathan Scott says:

Who could be bothered? But my you're hot 😛

Amelia Murray says:

OMG I want one.

Christian Schlieker says:

you bet ima subscribe dude haha

420Elf says:

I use the vape when I'm sick, as its easier to take in and easy on the throat. Also a lot healthier for you to vape instead of hot smoke.

Sharon Lambert says:

Could anyone tell me which Vaporizer is best for medical use? Iv heard that the 1s which the vapour goes into a plastic bag r best!!!!! I don't like the effects that smoking a joint gives me but it is great for pain relief and my pain consultant has stopped my controlled medication. I'm in so much pain iv tried taking my own life twice….. I can't seem to get any help but I have no quality of life at the moment. Could someone please help me by telling me which 1 is best for pain relief? Thank you Sharon.

Nevs DaSteez says:

Just bought the classic easy valve Volcano. So ready for it! 

VaporNation - Vaporizer Superstore says:

The Vapor MC Strikes Again!

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