Volcano Crafty Vaporizer Review

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Check out our review of the popular and highly rated Crafty portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel (makers of the Volcano).

VaporizerReview Rating: 9.8

-READ REVIEW: www.vaporizer-review.com/crafty-vaporizer-review

-BUY ONE HERE: www.vapornation.com/crafty-vaporizer.html?acc=vaporizer

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LorenzoNW says:

So how does the quality of the vapor compare to your Volcano? From what I can see, the vapor cloud looks very impressive.

Neil Gonzalez says:

Does the vape still hit like this?

Delta 505 says:

i want but hear they break fast n easy

charlie horse says:

Good review ya goofy bastard

T.C.X. S.T.X. says:

can u do some nose clouds?

5assassin2 says:


Pipper Stake says:

The only con that I see with this vaporizer is that it doesn't have an external battery. I would love to see you review the Grasshopper, it seems to be the perfect vaporizer from what I've heard.

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