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Volcano Hybrid Review

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Review of the new Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, get $100 OFF with coupon code VAPENOW15 at my recommended dealer here: www.vapecritic.com/shop/volcano/

The Hybrid is the latest desktop vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, it has some improvements over the Classic and Digital versions and I definitely like it a lot, BUT I also have some grievances with it (watch vid).

My written review of the Volcano is here:


The Vape Critic says:

Get it for $600 with coupon code VAPENOW15 at my recommended dealer here: www.vapecritic.com/shop/volcano/

Bongibrother TV says:

What is better? Easy Valve or Solid Valve.?

Kenneth Williamson says:

hi could you do are review of the Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer
and a comparison against the Mighty Portable Vaporizer Handheld Storz & Bickel thanks ken

Mack Plymale says:

I have a crafty vape that works but the hits are not good. The material turns brown. Not sure what is going on.

Poison Psn says:

Already got one. I never bought Volcano in the past because I was thinking that baloons are not the way that I want to use cannabis, but now I decided – my first Volcano must be Volcano Hybrids. But you know what? Balloons are great but hose with turn on "air" options is a unfuckunbelivieble relax! 😀

p prince says:

I've had the new hybrid for over and month and my biggest problem is it is a nightmare compared with the classic to keep clean. It used to take about 5 minutes a few cotton buds and some isopropyl alcohol and it would be sparkling clean. Now I have to spend about 10 minutes leaving the chamber to soak in the isopropyl alcohol, then about 10 cotton buds, plus toothpicks and a lot of rubbing and scraping until after about 20-30 minutes I finally get it clean. I don't know if it's new materials or because using the whip and the conduction heating, the weed gets so baked into the chamber because the chamber sits on the vapourizer for much longer than it used to if you were just filling balloons. Did anyone elses hybrid come with a screen protector over the display when it was new like a smartphone does?

The Wing says:

Hey man loved the review,I have a 2005 solid valve Volcano and it still vapes like it's 2005. The hybrid Volcano in Canada is up to 1000 dollars and to me adding digital to this machine will be the demise of its reliability. Cool review ☮️☘️

jimmy matho says:

hahahahahahaha,….You hate the loud bags too!!!!!!

jimmy matho says:

in 2009…..only a rich guy could afford that volcano….it was like buying a Ferrari

jimmy matho says:

they need to make a bag that isn't so loud, the rustling effect is annoying no? is to me ,lol
not quiet fingernails on a chalk board ….but mildly irritating none the less

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