VOTD #2: Arizer Air – A wizard's wand of a vape

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Today we’re looking at a review of the Arizer Air with some aftermarket accessories.

Arizer Air- www.vaporreviewblog.com/go/arizer-air/
Wooden Stems – edstnt.com/product-category/arizer-air-eds-tnt-wooden-stems/
NiteCore D2 Charger – amzn.to/2d4Q9F8
Aftermarket Battery – amzn.to/2cvIGTV
Battery Sleeve – amzn.to/2d4R0pA

** LiveStream Gear **

Overlay Cam – amzn.to/2cjKKy5
Capture Card – amzn.to/2cVunUf
Tabletop Cam – amzn.to/2cjKFdY

Big thanks to /u/data_eater on reddit for his Arizer Air compilation post. It was a great resource when I was preparing for this video. Link here: www.reddit.com/r/vaporents/comments/4jilba/guide_arizer_air_compendium/

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skippy gee says:

is it me or does he ash his abv so early

Keesha Hampton says:

Just found your video and i'm glad i did. I really enjoyed it. I am trying to figure out which to purchase for my first herbal vape. I'm deciding between the Air and airvape xs but I see the Air has so much versatility that's great .. just worried about the draw resistance people speak of ??? not sure I'd like that. I just converted from smoking to vaping nic about 8 mos ago but my nic vape doesn't have that issue just push button at the mouth .. I never liked smoking green because of the sore throat I'd get from irritation and coughing which I absolutely despise so I prefer a small water bong type… I was thinking with the water attachment vaping with the Air wouldn't bother my throat … Do you agree ??? would like an opinion from someone that has had the same issue and also has the Air and water tool … Thanks in advance…

Khor Ba says:

I like this review because I didn't feel that you were paid to say good things.

would you reccomend this as a first vape?

B.I.G. BULL says:

Hi,good vídeo but i can ubderstand few things for my bastante english.I want buy arizer Air,and now i only smoke joints,its the same high the joints or vaping??

Daron says:

Those dirty stems would make a nice Highchocolate. Sir some really hot coco with them using whole milk and enjoy. 🙂

Klu Klu says:

Oops, u need to spend 5$ to add a friend, I have free to play at moment but i can spend a £10 tomorrow and get a game! Il add u tomorrow

Klu Klu says:

Hey vape lord 🙂 its me from ur stream wanna add me on steam?/?

Markus Müller says:

im also a great Fan of the aa and i have a Mighty and crafty also. i Like the aa especiallly for using with a 14 mm water adapter and a Nice percolator. i think the aa is a Very good vape for concentrates because you can use it 10 minutes at a high temperature. i recommend the Sandwich method for concentrates. a layer of Dry sift or oil, rosin between good flower or avb if u want. Nice review, please do a review and use of the plenty and im also interested in the ff2 and i want to Know if the high price for the ff2 is justified.

haruhiista says:

Amazing video great explanations for the uses of this vape and all its add-ons and functions grats my friend. Can you make the Migthy the next one?

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