Water Conditioning Tools | Glass Showcase & How-To | Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Reviews

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?? – www.sneakypetevaporizers.com

Baby Bong
?? – bit.ly/2gzGf4S
?? – bit.ly/2gw3woc

Arizer Air 2
?? – bit.ly/2yOE9Ci
?? – bit.ly/2x5TVGP

Arizer Solo 2
?? – bit.ly/2xOch2J
?? – bit.ly/2hXp7WB

Arizer Air
?? – bit.ly/2jNiUgX
?? – bit.ly/2ydMX3k

Sneaky Pete Scorpion
?? – bit.ly/2yeJ1DC

Great Lakes Scorpion
?? – bit.ly/2x3Rv0d

Bubble Straw
?? – bit.ly/2yq2VuQ
?? – bit.ly/2fFi4Bk

Arizer Solo 2 Glass Adapter
?? – bit.ly/2wqPNSl
?? – bit.ly/2yQymfA

Davinci IQ
?? – bit.ly/2xvQXzg
?? – bit.ly/2hfWSlR

Dynavap M
?? – bit.ly/2hDUTEu
?? – bit.ly/2gzRDuk

Water conditioning your vapour improves the experience for many users. While much cooler than smoking, vapour can be warm and dry and can irritate the throat. Water conditioning adds humidity to that dry vapour, and passing the vapour through water helps to cool it down and smooth your hit out. It also enables you to take larger hits for the cloud chasing crowd. They’re quite easy to fill, use, and clean, making them a great addition for every vaporizer owner.

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

Thanks for watching! Click here to shop these products, email me if you find a better price! ?
?? – bit.ly/2hDUTEu ?? – bit.ly/2gzRDuk

Xnerdz says:

Not a fan of the background music but very informative and concise video. I'll definitively be looking into buying one of those!

Sam I am says:

Hey there, would the 14mm scorpion fit the sticky brick flip while the joint and heating tube are both facing upwards? Would be a very nice compact setup when paired with a restrictor disk too

itdwellsinthewoods says:

Will any of these work with my flowermate v5os?

Werral says:

is there an adaptor for the Utillian 721?

71dembones says:

The bubble tube is nice. I have a mini one that replaces the G5 style glass dome. Pretty cool that yours can double as a "water chillum" or whatever.

airguitarmaster says:

How are these at making sure the water does not escape into the heating element. I had an official hydratube from vapexhale and they build in a chamber for collecting excess water. I've had one of these ground glass pieces before. These have no chamber for this. I've been wary about using mine since even with the extra chamber have pulled water into my vape.

tonyfanfarone says:

Recently received my Dark Scorpion with its tube case.
I use it with the Arizer Solo 2. Gives me an easily portable water conditioning tool that hydrates for longer sessions. It is a great item for certain. Friends also impressed with its ease of use.
Get one for those longer dry sessions with a vaporizer.
Would not be without this now.

Wowie Dude says:

Any of these work with ease on storznbickel plenty vape?

A Wolff says:

You know what I would like to see you guys do a collab with the trailer park boys put their faces on some glass rigs that would be epic

David .Jones says:

I followed the user instructions on this video and cleaned the glass exactly as directed however herb would constantly get jammed inside the glass during use and would effect performance. The item also doesn't hold much water as a result its not even good at it's prime function as a cooler. The hits were warm using cold water and It did not produce more vapor using an Airizer 2. The stock glass that came with my Airizer 2 did a better job that this thing. And to make matters worse – since blowing into the bubbler to release water wouldn't get the herb out of the glass – eventually I decided to clean the inside with a tiny soft brush and it shattered the glass. Very disappointed. Save yourself some money and the hassle – this is more of a gimmick that anything – it isn't worth what they're asking for it.

Kevin Huynh says:

Hey man, would you recommend the baby bong, over the little bandit for the vapcap?

Antonio Bustamante says:

When you going to make a bubbler adapter for the Argo vape

WackoSwami420 says:

just ordered the scorpion with the 14mm adaptor for my air. Super stoked

Fernando Velásquez says:

Great video Sneaky Pete! Your videos helped me buy my Arizer Solo II. I was wondering: which tool do you (or your suscribers) recommend the most? The Scorpion or the bubble straw? Which one of them gives you bigger clouds?

Thanks again!

Triple T says:

I have a 19mm adapter. Any devices that you have will work?

Carl Rodrigues says:

Me too Pete water

samz1069 says:

I recently purchased your bubble straw for the crafty /Mighty
Best invention ever! Big big hits✌️Medication time… Medication time!

vig0609 says:

Do you have any coupon codes for your glass?

jdengsky1 says:

Hi. Can you make a water bubble straw for utillian 720?

Daniel McNamara says:

Hi Sneaky,
If I buy a 14mm adapter from the Arizer store, will it fit your Scorpion? Or would the special Arizer glass piece be comparable to the Scorpion's diffusion and cooling? I want the best experience possible.

BubbGumpShrim says:

Any coupon codes for your glass?

Bombastic Elastic says:

The Scorpion looks pretty much like the Grizzly I got with the Davinci IQ DLX kit from Namaste. I'm pretty new to vaping but the vapor from the IQ is never hot enough to bother my lungs but the pollen does make me cough, which is when I know it'm about to get lit. Vaping through water is a little too surreal for me to wrap my mind around but I'm still getting used to the way a vaped bowl hits as opposed to old smoky faithful. Smokers are used to a certain level of pain and when it doesn't happen, It feels like the event just isn't traumatic enough to justify feeling wasted. Oh well, pardon the ramble but that's just what I always seem to do when it's close to the beginning of my week. If you don't like it, get your own YouTube channel!

T. C. says:

Where are these products made?

Mike Allmand says:

Hey Pete,

Could u suggest the right piece for my DaVinci Ascent. Thanks.

Karec says:

Nice post mate, would be nice to have like a Lynx / Hydra lookalike for the EVO Cheers

whelkshuffler says:

Cool. Literally.

Douglas Ernest says:

Nice Seinfeld shirt ?

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