Wax Coil Dual Quartz Coil vs Ceramic Donut Coil difference? Yocan Evolve QDC vs CDC

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What is the difference between the Yocan Wax Coil choices of Ceramic Donut coil and the Dual Quartz coil. they are all interchangeable with the evolve, evolve plus, torch, ultron, cerum, nyx, thor etc.and the evolve plus arsenal(which is slightly diff but can be used), essentially nearly all yocan pens.

mel2k says:

At 00:27 you and the subtitle graphic state that the Youcan coil wire is titanium. Isn't the Yocan coil wire made of Kanthal?

Maddy says:

Which one gets you higher thats all i care about

Frank says:

Weak ass video.

Alex McBeth says:

are you Jimmy Pop from Bloodhound Gang

Cosmic Catnip says:

why dont you actually show them working instead of just talking

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