Wax Weed Pens for Beginners

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Different batteries, brands, what to look for, what i like and dont like. a basic guide to wax pens

Isaac Carlos says:

Yo I’m tryna smoke for the first time in 7 months I’m tryna take like 5 hits how long will it stay in my system

Moriah Hill says:

And the pens are a was it's stronger its supposed to be a different high, good video

Moriah Hill says:

they really are convenient. I keep mine in my purse, in my gym bag, and just go super easy

Carmen Newman says:

What pen do u have

Chano Chano says:

Make more vids, its good info for beginners

Andy says:

Its definitely a different high but because of how potent it is

ItsSrsBzness says:

why do you talk like that you fucking idiot, you are an indian man you sound like a congested gay basketball american

Burito0000Elite says:

You definitely from new york. Yonkers or Bronx idk

Arnaldo Magallanes says:

Also if you live in Cali ghost and brass knickles is the way to go

Arnaldo Magallanes says:

Wax is suppose to be thick not like a juice that means your smoking vape not wax buddy

Richer Time says:

Do you order the tops online?

MuseMuzeum says:

Are you from New York lmao ? Good detailed video.

Hillary Clinton says:

Anyone looking for a really good battery check out openvape.com

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