Waxxy by Kandypens Review Unboxing

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Please READ:
Waxxy is a brand new wax/concentrate vaporizer by Kandypens.
You can check out Waxxy over on the Kandypens website here: bit.ly/1oL4dUp
Any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP!
Hope you enjoyed the video.

paprog says:

that's fucking sicc my duder!

M P says:

How the fuck do I take off the atomizer

yamit says:

u do have to pay for s/h for the coils , correct? ($10 or so, i think)

yamit says:

can this be used with CBD oil? how diff is the concentrate from oil? any advise where i can get a good vaporizer for CBD oil (that works well for small amounts to)and is there a good quality CBD wax or concentrate? i looked all over and all i find is the vap oil available. thanks.

Anthony Alekji says:

is there any difference between this and the black Edition?

singwithmeSarenna says:

I looked for it but it didn't say but thank you anyway!

singwithmeSarenna says:

Can this be used with e-liquid?

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