Weed Vapes Explained in 5 Minutes (kinda)

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Weed Vapes explained for all of you noobies out there!

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Lord Of Drae says:

just ordered 1,gonna get it tomorrow ,i'll write sort of a short review on it

Juan Sandoval Montiel says:

420 science guy

Fate Prep says:

Dawg it wont let me sub to you

Damian Paden says:

I smoke one bowl a day lol

Aloysius Pelly says:

How many hits does the weed inside last?

Allucky says:

yo this video was hilarious

Mack Lack says:

Pain? 10mg Hydrocodone & 2 mg Klonopin. Problem solved.

James Gipe Gipe!!! says:

Wow lol looks good I want some

Rodney Rutherford says:

I saw that slobber 6:00

Monica B says:

I def didn’t know you could use the leftover dry herb for other things… good thing I haven’t dumped my trash tray

Raul Mata says:

Ayeee XO🔥

Damien Garcia says:

Damn another man that hates kids

Dahlia Mandujano says:

I fucking love your hoodie Erick 😂

NeVezϟ says:

5:40 best part of the video

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