What are the Top Wax Pens Vape For 2018/19?

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What are the best wax vape pens for 2018/2019 and how do you know which vape pen handles wax and shatter best? Read here cannabis.net/blog/opinion/top-wax-pen-vaporizers-for-2018

Asoka Mano says:

Do these use CBD or THC vape oils or both? I read somewhere that very few oil vaporizer take THC oils, it's usually only for CBD Vape oils, is that true?

Asoka Mano says:

Cool but does the Kandy Prism + pen do both CBD oils and THC oils?

Asoka Mano says:

Which one of these vaporizers would you use? I am a looking for something light, durable, and is best for wax and concentrates of marijuana at affordable price.

Dylan Forsyth says:

My puffco plus stopped working properly after 1 months use

Danny James says:

I farm and sell weed all the way from Cali,top shelf medicinal cannabis and cannabis oil for cancer etc. Our products are sealed in a tree vacuum seal free custom even dogs can't get the scent,we transact discreetly so you can't be tracked by Corps, we offer discounts on how you buy in other to create a good business relationship.. Interested ?


Boaboy121 says:

You guys forgot Bee-Nails GoBee. I love mine. #beenails 👍🏻

fraziermay says:

TBH since I've heard of vaporizers exploding in people's pockets, hands & faces! I've been a ill reluctant to using one now….

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